You will want to make sure that you find a contractor

You will want to make sure that you find a contractor who has experience with pouring concrete. In order to know whether he or she is capable of making your patio strong enough for its intended purpose, you should ask the contractor how much concrete he or she recommends for pouring a patio.

Some contractors will tell you that you should pour the concrete 4-10 inches thick. The reason for this is that the thicker the concrete, the stronger it will be. A good rule of thumb for a thick concrete layer is that it should weigh twice as much Concrete patio as the aggregate stone that you are going to use. Another good idea is to put a reinforcement in the form work to make the patio strong enough for the intended purpose.

If you need additional support, it is recommended that you add a reinforcement to help keep the concrete together. An example of a common reinforcement is rebar. If you want more support and stability, it is advisable that you add steel mesh. You will want to make sure that you pick the right material for the job. For example, you may want to consider adding a wire mesh reinforcement if you are going to have heavy loads on your patio. Otherwise, you could end up needing a new one. It is best to check with a qualified contractor for advice on how much concrete to use.

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