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About Y2mate

Y2mate is a website which provides some useful features for the users. The website also allows them to download videos from YouTube and provides some other options like music downloader, MP3 converter etc.

Who is the owner of Y2mate?

  • YT Technology Limited is the owner of Y2mate.
  • YT Technology Limited is a Hong Kong based company.
  • YT Technology Limited was founded in 2012 by three former Google employees, who are now co-founders at the company: Martin Cooper, Fionnuala Meehan and Niall Murphy. The company’s CEO is Niall Murphy (Former Google).
  • Since its inception, it has grown rapidly and now employs over 400 people worldwide with offices in London, Edinburgh (Scotland), New York City and Los Angeles as well as in Hong Kong where it was founded by three former Google employees – Martin Cooper, Fionnuala Meehan and Niall Murphy (who went on to become CEO).

Y2mate com is a website which is created by “YT Technology Limited”

Y2mate is a website which allows you to Y2mate videos download from YouTube and convert them into MP4 format. YT Technology Limited, who created this website, have a lot of experience in providing video downloading services for millions of users worldwide. They also have their own unique technology for delivering high-quality downloads at fast speeds.

The main feature of the site is the ability to download your favorite YouTube videos and convert them into other formats such as MP3 or MP4 so that they can be used on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs without any issues or bugs associated with replaying those files back again later these same devices themselves!

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Final Words

Y2mate is one of the best YouTube video downloads y2mate and YouTube to mp4 converter website. It allows you to download HD quality videos from YouTube with a small file size. Also, it has built-in support for subtitles and multiple audio tracks so that you can watch your favourite movies in any language without having to worry about any other issues like viruses or malware attacks on your computer system. All these features make Y2mate com an extremely useful tool for users who want to save time while watching their favorite movies online at home or anywhere else without worrying about their internet connection speeds. If you want to know some more details about this content. So, you may visit on webinkeys their website.

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