Working Of The Parking Guidance Systems

In parking guidance systems, we use various types of technologies and help drivers to get to the spaces as fast as possible by putting less effort. Parking Guidance Systems is very much popular and is used by many people. Today we will be going to understand how parking guidance systems work. The process is as follows:

  1. When a car enters a car parking area, it is scanned thoroughly. It is usually done by a machine in which tickets are generated and can also be done with the help of entrance so that vehicles can be managed.
  2. There are some signs used in variable messages which will help in giving directions to all the drivers for all types of open spaces. It is basically done with the help of telling all the drivers how many spaces they have got on their levels in which vehicles are parked. Also, there are certain sections in the storage for cars and there are rows made in the nicely formed parking structure where the signs help.
  3. There are indicators used for parking space and their work is to showcase and highlight all the free spaces that are there in the car parking area. Also, there is a proper implementation of green LED’s which can vary according to their usage.
  4. When a car parks in a parking area in the given space there is some kind of sensors especially used for this and they are used to pick up the vehicle parked in a parking slot. It also decreases the total number of free spaces that are available for car parking. Also, the LED bulbs become red when the free space is filled in the car parking area.
  5. When the driver leaves the vehicle, then there is a database in Parking Guidance Systems in which the proper location of the vehicle is stored or saved. After this, the driver will go or reach the particular destination on foot.
  6. After the driver comes back from the destination, he will return to the car parking area in which the Parking Guidance System helps the driver to find or reach his car with the help of an application i.e. “Find My Car”. This app can be used in various pay stations or help stations in the car park.
  7. After finding the car, when the driver leaves the space fully out of the car parking area, the proximity is also cleared and the parking slot will be marked as a free parking spot again in order to ensure that a new vehicle will be directed to that parking slot.

Parking Guidance Systems Can Be Beneficial To A Variety of Industries

Parking Guidance systems can be used and implemented but there are industries that can gain a lot of benefits. Some of the industries are mentioned below:

  1. Companies that use multiple car parks like multi storey car park can use Parking Guidance Systems because there are so many floors that take place in a parking structure.
  2. There are many universities and campuses which are displaced. With the Parking Guidance Systems, they can gain advantages and use it so that they don’t have to look for the cars that are parked anywhere.
  3. In theme parks, there is a lot of crowd, and thus, all people need parking for their vehicles. With the usage of Parking Guidance Systems, they can control how and where the cars are parked in the theme parks.
  4. There are shopping centers and plazas which are out of town. In a Parking Guidance system, there is no need to worry since all the vehicles can be parked in a proper parking area.
  5. For gyms that are large and clubs related to health, there are numerous people who want to park their cars safely. This can be done with the help of Parking Guidance Systems.


So, if we summarize the Parking Guidance Systems, it is used in car parking places which are very big and also where there is inflow and outflow of traffic. So, with the help of this system, there will be less stress and it helps in designing the car park which makes it easy to park other vehicles. So whenever you are searching for vehicle parking near me, you can go through the above points and determine how you can park a vehicle with the help of this system.

Stuti Mohapatra
Stuti Mohapatra


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