Work And Settle In Canada In 6 -12 Months Or Fewer

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Undoubtedly, Canada is one of the topmost countries where immigrants lookout to settle. It has a continued reputation as an immigrant-friendly country. The immigration laws are flexible and the country encourages more migrants to work and settle. 

Canada receives a high number of express entry applications as this migration process to Canada is easy and comparatively fast and takes only 6 -12 months or fewer. 

What is the Canada Express Entry program?

Express entry is one of the fastest ways to get PR for skilled workers in Canada. The federal skilled worker program, the federal skilled trades program and the Canadian experience class applications are all managed under the Canada Express Entry program. It takes less than 6 months for skilled workers to get a PR in Canada. 

Also, it includes provincial nominee programs through which provinces and territories can recruit potential skilled workers. 

Federal skilled workers are those with relevant educational background, experience, and have minimum quantifiable age and possess language proficiency proof like a valid IELTS score. 

Eligibility Criteria for Express entry as a federal skilled worker

To be eligible for the express entry program as a federal skilled worker, you must have:

  1. 1-year full-time work experience in either of the 347 eligible government-recognized occupations. 
  2. Part-time continuous employment with hours equivalent to 1-year full-time work.
  3. Work experience listed under Skill Type 0, A, or B
  4. Sufficient points for the government-recognized English language tests like IELTS. 
  5. Relevant settlement funds
  6. No criminal background
  7. Validated medical report

Getting selected as a federal skilled worker in the Canadian language is the first step. You will need to clear English language tests like TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum marks required for eligibility depend on the type of employment or job. 

If you are entering Canada through an arranged employment, you must submit the relevant proofs and documents. You will also need to submit work permit application to be eligible for the Express entry program.

How to apply for a Canadian work permit application?

To work and settle in Canada you must have a work permit- even if you are applying through the Express entry program.

Foreign nationals with a Canadian job offer or a recent pass out from the Canadian Designated Learning Institute or a spouse of a Canadian PR or work permit holder are eligible to get a work permit in Canada. 

The Canada work permit application process depends on the type of work permit. For example, a student is eligible for work permit that allows part-time work during their study-permit validation. 

However, having a Canadian job offer letter does not guarantee a Canadian work permit. You have to support the job offer letter with either a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), or proof that you have an exception to get LMIA. 


The key to a successful and faster way to work and settle in Canada is to partner with efficient consultants like Croyez immigration. Such reliable consultancy services offer various ways to get express entry and a valid work permit without any roadblocks in the documentation process.

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