Why Should You Go with Limo Services Instead of Uber or Lyft?

Why Should You Go with Limo Services Instead of Uber or Lyft? post thumbnail image

Limo versus Uber or Lyft might sound like a valid comparison, but actually, it is not and there are tons of reasons for that. Before comparing them, it is important to understand how they operate. Uber and Lyft are both amazing services and they offer their services at a very reasonable price, but would you take either of them for a date? Maybe not, because they may be an ideal daily ride for diverse purposes, but like every occasion has an attire, every need has a special ride. When you look at the situation this way this Uber and Lyft both don’t sand a chance against the limo. Below you can find some of the best reasons to choose a limo over a regular cab service.

Fun and Luxury

Limo is quite popular for being a luxury ride and when you experience it once, it is hard to choose another service. First of all, you have to understand that a limo is an occasional ride and that’s what makes it stand out. There’s a lot more to do in a limo as compared to the everyday Uber or Lyft rides. There’s enough room to celebrate a birthday party inside. You can enjoy music in great ambiance, watch TV, or have a drunk of your choice. Now all of the above-mentioned qualities are only associated with lime and other services just don’t have it. So, if you have to travel, then why not do it with style?

You Are In Control

Those who have hired both the limo or an everyday Uber or Lyft ride know that limo’s customer services are way better than an Uber. The commonly available rides are owned by people who drive and they are called partners, and that’s where the ego comes in. However, a limo is a fully customer-oriented ride where the driver does whatever you have decided before. Routine rides have to update their status every minute and that means you can’t make unnecessary stops on the way. Whereas with the limo you are in full control you can do whatever as you please.

Experienced Drivers

It is probably one of the biggest pluses for the limo service. If you had a chance to travel with Uber or Lyft, you’d know that it is driven by all kinds of drivers. A lot of them just got their licenses, but that’s not the case for a limo. Since it is a prestigious ride, the driver always has considerable experience who can drive you safely anywhere you want to. He knows how to value a customer and performs his duties extremely well. He can manage the time and traveling perfectly to optimize your experience which Uber or Lyft greatly lack.

Better Territorial Awareness

Since Uber and Lyft both were born yesterday, their drivers deeply rely on technology for guidance. No matter where the destination is or even if they know the destination, they still have to monitor GPS. The pick-up service of both of these companies is even a bigger mess because it takes them a while to understand where the pick-up point is. Well, that’s not the case with the limo service because their drivers know the city like the back of their heads. They know where to pick up and make sure to be there before the customer comes out of the home.

Expert Opinion On The Travel Plan

Since you don’t plan Uber or Lyft rides and call them for immediate service at any moment, they can’t advise you on a travel plan. A limo on the other hand is an expert at travel planning and their opinion must be taken into account because they are doing it for years. If you have hired a limo for a few hours, then the company’s expert opinion can help you organize various activities smoothly. You can find ample time to focus on every activity you have in the travel plan. So, the choice is yours whether you want to travel with a directionless service or with a service that can help you correct your direction.

If you have traveled with Uber or Lyft and ran into a problem, then you’d know how difficult it is to reach customer support. First of all, they don’t have a number and use their portal to communicate and you don’t know whom you talked about previously. Second, the process takes a lot of time. For example, if you have forgotten something in Uber or Lyft, then you can’t contact the driver directly in most cases. You have to request the service to connect you to the driver and by that time, he probably has reached the other side of town. Well, that’s not the case with the limo service. Whenever you call, customer support will pick up your phone and sort out everything.

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