Why Should One Complete A Defensive Driving Course?

While driving on the road, you have to be always careful about your and other people’s safety. The essential quality that will keep you safe on the road is not the car’s safety features, traffic rules, or modern technology but your expertise and experience in driving, car, and road rules.

The more time you drive on the road, the more confidence you will be able to develop. It will, in turn, help you make quick yet correct judgements as a driver. Completing defensive driving course from a Perth driving school will help you develop these qualities mentioned above and tackle a wide range of situations that arise on the road. In this blog, we discuss the significant benefits a defensive driving course offers not only to a driver but to others on the road, too.

What Will You Learn From A Defensive Driving Course?

Defensive driving courses in Australia are specifically designed for drivers who need to learn the techniques to tackle a range of road situations. The need may be attributed to their profession or the areas where they drive. Any candidate holding a learner’s or open licence can enrol in these courses.

At a defensive driving school, you will learn essential skills to avoid emergencies and ensure maximum protection on the road. During the course, you will go through theoretical learning and practical hands-on training, making you thoroughly prepared to face the unexpected.

In most schools, you will first listen to some classroom sessions and then attend the practical in-car sessions with your defensive driving instructor. For the two different modes of training, components will be different.

Theory components

The theory classes will cover the following topics:

  • Scanning techniques
  • Braking distances
  • Vehicle performance and systems
  • Fatigue management
  • Understanding human factors
  • Hazard perception
  • Other methods related to defensive driving

Practical components

The practical training sessions will be conducted generally on a large car parking area or a racetrack. The lessons taught in these sessions are as follows.

  • Stimulated emergency braking exercises
  • Low-speed manoeuvring exercises
  • Steering technique
  • Accident avoidance
  • Seat positioning
  • Car maintenance

You should keep in mind a defensive driving course because this course does not include any lessons like high-speed or performance driving that are seen in action films. Speciality driving courses are available for those techniques. Also, you cannot learn pursuit techniques, off-road driving techniques or techniques for chauffeurs.

How can this course benefit you?

Learning defensive driving from the best driving school in Perth will offer you numerous benefits on the road.

It will protect you in emergencies

In the case of an emergency, a person having the right driving skills can react in the best possible way. Tackling such a situation will involve evading several obstacles and reaching the safety point as quickly as possible. Knowing the correct moves will help you avoid potential collisions and crashes and survive with minor injuries. In a well-structured defensive driving course, you can easily acquire these skills and save not only your life but the lives of others as well.

It helps motorists drive safely

An expert driver should have the right instincts. You can read the situations much better and react properly to avoid any deadly collision when you possess this quality. If you are passionate about driving, make sure you develop good reflexes and the ability to anticipate.

You can save money on repairs and insurance

One of the many reasons you should learn defensive driving is that it can save a lot of your money. In Australia, people knowing defensive driving can save a large amount of their money on repairs. For example, in the case of parts replacement, you may get a discount of as high as 10% to 20%.

You will need to pay lower insurance premiums

Another monetary benefit of learning defensive driving is that you can enjoy lower premiums for your car insurance. A significant number of Australian insurance providers give attractive discounts for certified drivers. The reason is that an insurance company always wants to protect their investment, and thus, a safe driver will be the best option for them. If you can show your certificate to an insurance agent and are satisfied, you will get discounts on your premiums at the time of application.

You can drive efficiently even in bad weather conditions

Adverse weather conditions pose severe problems for the drivers. In Australia, flash floods are a common natural disaster, and cars cannot move faster in these conditions, threatening you and other car passengers. In a defensive driving course, learners are taught how to drive in wet and slicked road conditions. These skills will help you move through even inclement weather like hailstorms, sleet, or torrential rain.

It decreases the traffic violation points

Points are given when someone violates traffic rules. These things can lead to hefty fines or suspension of driving licence. But becoming a certified defensive driver will help you reduce these demerit points from your ticket.

How can this course benefit the country?

Having completed formal defensive driving training, a driver gets equipped with vital skills and technicalities needed for a safe drive. Top-quality defensive drivers not only keep themselves safe but also make sure that other people on the road are also protected from any danger. Here is how this course can be beneficial for society.

  • Whether it is an emergency or a bad weather condition, a defensive driver can effectively tackle any situation arising on the road. This way, they can avoid collisions with other cars.
  • They develop the unique quality of anticipating the moves of other drivers.
  • In a defensive driving course, learners are also taught how to communicate with fellow drivers, analyse driving patterns, and call towing agencies when necessary. Such a stress-free drive allows reduced road rage.

Speeding isn’t a good thing when it comes to driving. You must always follow the speed limit, which the government wants you to follow. Else, you might end up getting fined. Through the protective driving courses, you’ll learn about the colourful speed limits and how you can maintain them while driving.

In reputed driving training seminaries in Perth, preceptors always try to ensure that the learners acquire stylish individual driving chops. When you gain these chops, your confidence and capability situations will be high, which will, in turn, increase the chances of passing your driving test on the first attempt and carrying your licence.

Driving assignments are indeed expensive. So, whenever you enrol in an academy, it’ll be a significant investment. But, if you see it else, this investment will save you time and reduce stress in the long term.

In formal training, you’ll go through theoretical and practical driving assignments, making you understand all the basics of auto driving. Therefore, you can snappily reduce your anxiety and avoid taking driving tests several times.

Final words

Besides defensive driving, general driving lessons are also available in various Perth driving school. For information, type ‘driving school near me’ on the Google search bar and explore the top institutions that come in the search results. At a defensive driving school, you will learn essential skills to avoid emergencies and ensure maximum protection on the road. you will first listen to some classroom sessions and then attend the practical in-car sessions with your defensive driving instructor.

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