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There is no right or wrong way to charge your phone. I’m a senior team writer at wirecutter. I’ve been writing about phone tech since 2011. I was previously an iPhone sales specialist for an Apple Store. I used to be an iPhone sales representative at an Apple Store. Others meticulously charge their phones between 40 to 80 percent. I personally use a Qi wireless charger for my iPhone while at work. Other users keep their phones charged between 40 and 80 percent. They believe this will prolong the battery’s life.

What science says

Charging your battery can cause it to perform less well over time. Lithium-ion batteries are used to power smartphones. They move charge carriers (in our case, lithiumions) from one electrode and another. A smartphone’s battery is powered by lithium-ion cells. These charge carriers move from one electrode (in this example, lithium ions), and vice versa. Kevin Purdy, IFixit is a website that shows how to fix common electronic items. To force a sponge to absorb even the smallest amount of liquid requires pressure. This can also lead to liquid pooling. This is the S.E.I. ( solid electrolytic interface), buildup on the battery. S.E.I. “Battery buildup reduces its overall capacity.”

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Heat is another factor that can adversely affect battery life.

Battery University claims that heat is the most dangerous enemy to batteries. “Lithium ion works well at high temperatures but is less durable when exposed to heat,” Mr. Purdy said. Your charger may deliver half of the charge depending on how it is aligned, sophisticated of the charging base, phone case, and interference. “Where current meets resistance is heat.” Qi makes it possible for the phone switch to standby mode after its battery is exhausted.

What manufacturers have to tell you

Although we did not ask the major manufacturers of phones for any recommendations about charging techniques, they did offer vague tips via their websites.

  • Apple claims you should charge your Apple battery lithium-ion whenever you like. They also advise you to avoid extreme temperatures (especially at 95 degrees Fahrenheit), and to get rid of any case that might heat up your iPhone while it charges. Apple doesn’t give any guidance on charging times or recommend the ideal charging thresholds.
  • Google’s recommendation a similar one: “Charge whatever you want. You don’t have the need to tell your phone how big the battery is by charging it from full to half-full or full.
  • Samsung recommends regular charging and keeping the battery above 50%. The company advises against leaving your phone connected when it is not fully charged.

Will you ever notice how constant charging affects your battery life?

The battery life of your phone can be shortened by not charging it enough and allowing it to run dry. These services may have a limited effect on your phone’s battery, so make sure you don’t do it is an exception to the rule. Recent data indicates that phone replacement cycles are increasing in length rather than decreasing. A shows that Americans now keep their phones for almost three decades. According to report, iPhone owners who prefer Apple might keep their iPhones for up to 4 years.

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