The effectiveness of online businesses largely depends upon how good the web design is and how it looks to the audience coming to the website. Especially at the time of social distancing, businesses, whether big or small, must emphasize the overall web design and experience they are throwing out in the market.

A recent study predicts that 84% of marketers believe that design-driven companies outperform other businesses. On this page, we will discuss how can a web design influence and elevate the scope, and without further ado, let’s explore how a good design can contribute to the overall business growth.

It Adds to The First Impression: According to a recent online survey, “94% of users create their first impression of a website based on web design alone”. This statistic alone is enough to comprehend why a good web design is critical to business growth. However, if you navigate through a few sites, you will observe that a good design instantaneously catches up the attention and inspire you to navigate the site further in detail. It instils in the minds of the consumers, and they visit the site over and over again. Whereas on a poorly designed website, the visitor skips the site in less than 3 seconds. It is how a good design helps in retaining customers through their first impression.

It Builds and Cements Credibility: Imagine yourself landing on a website that is outdated with a boring interface, lousy copy and no crisp display of the business – how long would you stay on the site? Not for more than 5 seconds. Will you take that business seriously who is not serious about their business display? It is why we say that when it comes to building credibility, the web front is one of the key areas that businesses must focus on. Blue Corona says, “The business’s website design accounts for 75% of the evaluation of a company’s credibility”. It shows how critical a good web design is for the overall business integrity, growth and customer retention. In another online survey, the result shows, “48% of users believe website design is the number one factor when judging a business’s credibility”.

It is a Foundation to a Good Online Strategy: A web design without a strategy or the main agenda leads to nothing but expense. Businesses often launch their websites without any solid strategy to back or support the web design, CTAs and web integrations, and it is where they fail to cash returns on investments. According to SmallBizTrends, “A superb overall UX design can boost website conversion rates up to 400%”. In another instance, Research Gate explains a case study of an eCommerce website and how a simple change in a button increased the sales of an eCommerce company by $300 million. So, when it is about creating a good web design, make sure you have a strategy in place.

It Earns Audience Trust: Would you ever like to step in a restaurant that has no board, no flashy welcome light or any usher at the entrance? Probably not, until you have a reference for it. The probability of having referrals is quite negligible, and you can’t wait to run a restaurant on referrals. Similarly, how would one want to buy from a business with no digital presence or a website? That too when big money is involved. The answer is simple! Having a secured website increases audience trust, they feel free to explore your business on their own, and once they feel secure, they end up contacting or breaking a deal with you.

It Lifts Brand Integrity: A business website says a lot about the company or the brand it represents. It is one of the first conversion points for a potential customer. The best part is, having a clutter-free web design is one of the best opportunities to present your true business identity, vision and scope to your potential clients not just locally but across borders. It adds to your overall brand awareness, integrity and your market reputation. No matter what it takes, brands must have the best display of their core values and cash in great deals.

It Speeds Up Search Engine Ranking: Web Design has a lot to contribute to Search Engine Optimization. From content placement to on-page SEO and CTA optimization, web design plays an integral role in search engine ranking or else it would be an uphill battle for you to fight for. When search engine spiders crawl to index your website, they can sense how fine and optimized the design is. If not, you will have a long way to get your site indexed. To have the best structure and the finest features, make sure you have hired a professional and custom web design agency to work for you. Or else, beginners can put you in the pit without you even knowing it.

It Helps Winning Over the Competition: Whether a business opts to focus on a web design or not, the competitors are doing it. So, if you settle for a weak web design without having any strategy, it is visible that you’re deliberately choosing to stay behind the game. Also, being pioneers in evolving business dynamics, digital fronts, and digital transformation give your business a privilege to emerge as a thought leader in the market. You become the first name in the industry to tap the whole niche without letting your competitors winning over you. Let’s be honest that every business competitor invests in a website for a purpose. There are multiple goals that they plan to achieve – customer retention, customer acquisition, brand awareness, brand integrity, customer convenience etc., while the main purpose is to have potential leads as the return on investment.

Businesses who pay attention to the statistics around web designs and their importance for business growth know that a web design is a lottery ticket that may get them to the jackpot. Mainly when the world has gone online with 70% of the business operations have been digitalized, there is no way you can overlook the need of having a rock-solid business web design. So, if you are looking forward to launching a business website or a simple landing page, make sure it is crisp, clean and right on point. It is even better if you hire a professional web design services solution provider to do the job.

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