Why Do You Prefer Window Blinds Over Installing Curtains This Year?

Whenever the new year starts house owners start to make changes to all those items in the house which are old enough to be thrown out. The most commonly changed household includes the changing of carpets, and curtains and giving the house a new look with paint.

If we talk about curtains, they become very dirty over time and very difficult to wash again and again and curtains absorb dust and dirt very quickly which creates an illusion that makes your home look smaller.

Also, curtains are so expensive that house owners can’t afford them every year. So, house owners now have a beautiful replacement for these old-fashioned curtains that make their house incredibly beautiful. That replacement is known as Blinds.

There are several kinds of blinds that you can find at the market easily or you can search any online store that sells awesome blinds. Vertical Blinds, Wood Blinds, Vision Blinds, Blackout Blinds, Roman Blinds and many more types of blinds are here. You can choose any of these or any other blind to make your house beautiful.

The year 2022 is running and there are numerous benefits of having blinds over curtains in your house. So, let’s start by looking at some advantages of blinds over curtains and why people choose blinds more than curtains nowadays.

Easy To Clean and Maintain:

Blinds have a characteristic that they provide a fresh look and an illusion to make your house spacious and with that, you can decorate you’re your living room, dining room, or any other room with different accessories. But curtains don’t allow you to do that.

Whatever fabric or wood or any other material that is used to make a blind is always easy to clean and maintain. Several methods are really easy and quick and provide easy cleaning methods to clean your blinds.

Like fabric blinds cleaned with spot cleaning methods with just the use of a damp cloth and warm water. Some blinds are cleaned with microfiber cloths and several other methods are here to maintain your blinds.

Modern Designs:

Modern problems need modern solutions just like modern houses need modern designs. Designs include many things wall designs, paintings, windows designs, etc.

Blinds offer you the best modern designs that enhance the beauty of your house. Curtains or Drapes are very long due to which they block the designs of walls and other interior designs. That is why blinds are more preferred to be placed on the windows of the house due to their neutral colours, sleek design and simple linings.

This is the especially noticeable thing if you are doing replacement of your house then the curtains are the one to go out first to bring some outstanding blinds in.

Energy Efficiency Will Improved:

Blinds are designed in such a way that they trap inside the house in the winters and leave the heat out in the summers. Window Blinds traps heat between window and blinds which creates insulation inside the house and keep the heat energy inside the house which makes the blinds more energy efficient.

Wide Material Variety:

When you start decorating your house blinds offer you a wide variety of materials to decorate your house but it all depends on your budget. If you look through a wide selection of blinds, Wood Blinds are more perfect if you have more woodwork in your house.

Wood Blinds always offers you a timeless in your traditional homes. These blinds are the perfect addition to your house’s beauty but this option is very expensive if you have a small budget. But if you want to do it you may be going with the faux wood option.

Any kind of decoration you want to do these blinds always provides you with a unique finish and create an ideal impact on the windows of your house. Along with wood blinds you can choose Plastic, Bamboo, Synthetic Wood and many different materials that suit your choice.


Several blinds have a quality of providing you with more than one benefit just like blackout blinds are very good for not letting excess sound inside your house if there is a traffic jam in your area or your neighbour renovating his house or his dog making excess noise this type of blind is always helpful. They also help in reducing the morning sunlight that comes inside your house and ensures the feeling of relaxation inside your house.

Help In Preventing Crime:

If you are the person who stays outside instead of inside then you should consider having blinds on the windows of your house that protect your house when you are not at home or you are alone at home. For that purpose, motorized blinds are the best option because you can control these blinds with a remote or you can the timing on which these blinds open or close this indicates that the home is occupied and the thieves stay away from your house.


In the end, the blinds are the best and most user-friendly household in your house due to this numerous people prefer blinds over curtains and drapes. So, next time always choose the best blinds for the treatment of your windows.


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