Why Do You Need A Water Purifier?

Why Do You Need A Water Purifier?

Out of the 3/4th water on the earth’s surface, we can only consume 0.01% freshwater. But can we call water fresh anymore? With the abnormally rising water pollution levels, fresh and pure water is difficult to find but impossible! But we need to drink pure water to keep ourselves protected against water-borne diseases and harmful bacteria, so what should we do? You must buy and install an advanced water purifier at your home.

A water purifier maintains the water quality in your household and keeps harmful diseases at bay. Thus it has gradually become a necessity in our daily lives. In this article, we will discuss the impacts it has on your health and well-being.

Health Benefits Of Water Purifier

The water purifieris your best bet against deadly bacteria and waterborne diseases. But you must also know that purified water improves skin and hair texture and gives you the energy to carry on with your day without feeling tired or sluggish.

      Saves You From Waterborne Diseases

Research conducted by UNICEF in 2018 shows that the availability of freshwater worldwide heavily declined and is likely to worsen every year. That’s exactly why you need a water purifier. The RO/UV membrane sucks all the disease-causing harmful bacteria from your water and makes it suitable for consumption. The dissolved impurities, chemicals are then completely eradicated by the UV chamber. And only after this thorough purification the water becomes safe for drinking.

      Removes Suspended Impurities and Heavy Metals

Yes, you read it right; heavy metals like lead, iron, copper, nickel are found in large quantities in dissolved water. But your water purifier gets rid of all dissolved and suspended metals from the water. The UV/RO membrane absorbs all metals and makes them pure. The purifier also gets rid of the excess minerals and only keeps the minerals good for us.

      Improves Digestion

If you frequently have gastrointestinal problems or indigestion, we recommend you get a purifier. Drinking purified water will reduce your gastrointestinal problems and will also reduce indigestion. Drinking unfiltered and impure water gives rise to this intestinal issue. These issues must not be neglected as they give rise to major problems later in life. Purified water improves digestion and makes you active and healthy.

      Helps In Weight Loss

Water is needed in every internal process, it helps break down food, improves digestion, and causes metabolism. And to keep our bodies healthy and active, we need to consume purified water only. If you don’t drink sufficient water, it can lead to ingestion and decreased metabolism levels in your body. And which will cause more fat accumulation in the midriff region. Thus you must keep drinking purified water to boost digestion, improve metabolism, and help lose weight.

      Skin and Hair Texture

Your skin and hair are the most sensitive and the most exposed parts of your body. Skin and hair are regularly exposed to sunlight, heat, dirt, and dust. So it’s obvious that you must take extra care of them. If hair is exposed to harsh and hard water, it gets damaged and gets dry and rough. Skin loses its luster when exposed to hard water. So you must drink purified water to keep the skin and hair in perfect condition. Purified water is gentle on your body and hair to protect them from any damage.

Your Guide To The Perfect Purifier

Getting a water purifier involves a little research about the water quality in your area. There are various types of purifiers available in the market, and we’ll pick the one perfect for you. And if you worry about maintenance, you no longer should as Kent RO services Bangalore provides the best professional to do that.

      Types Of Purifiers

There are multiple types of water purifiers available in the market, each suited for purifying a particular type of water. The various types are 1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) 2. Ultrafiltration (UF) 3. Ultraviolet (UV).

      Water Tank Capacity

After you finalize the water purifier, you need to check the water tank capacity. Every person consumes 8 to 10 liters of water every day; you must keep that in mind and pick a water purifier with a large water tank capacity. So if you are a house of two people, you need a 4 to 5 liters water storage tank. If it’s 3 to 4 people, then it will be 6 to 8 liters. If there are more than 5 members at home then you’ll need a 10to12 liters water storage tank.

      Hot and Cold Water

Some purifiers offer both cold and hot and normal water after purification. You can drink the water directly from the purifier in each case after collecting it in your bottle or glass. It is certainly your call; you need to pick for yourself. These types of purifiers save a lot of time and are easy to use. 

●          Warranty and Maintenance Cost 

Most purifiers come with a one-year warranty on RO and UV filters and 6 months warranty on segment filters or carbon filters. But after the warranty period is over, you can get in touch with Kent RO service Bangalore and get your purifier maintained.


Deadly diseases and harmful infections can be prevented if you continue to drink only purified water daily. 

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