Who’s recruiting to fill Social Media Roles

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The demand for workers who are proficient in social media has grown over time. In fact 92% of employers expect their employees to utilize social media as part of their job which is increasing by 5.8 percentage since 2013.

Social media jobs that are paid have witnessed a staggering 116% rise in demand according to LinkedIn as well as content marketing roles increasing in popularity at the average is 46 percentage and 32% respectively.

We’ve searched through the websites of leading technology companies around the globe to find out who has the most open positions that involve social media. Comparing the total number of job opportunities with the amount of roles that focus on social media we’ve calculated the overall percent of job open positions. Click here to buy Twitter followers.

Meta stands out in the field of recruiting social media positions the most and has 22% of positions containing the word “social media”. Meta’s website for job postings states that it has a culture that is “obsessed in the social web” and developing brand awareness in a meaningful manner which highlights the significance for social roles in the business. The brand is, as you can imagine, living with and breathes the social web, including its primary subsidiary companies, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp which are among the largest social media sites with 3.6 million active customers using Meta platforms every month.

Apple comes in second place having 14% of the advertised jobs that include social media. Given that the tech giant’s social media presence is very limited and sporadic, it’s a bit odd to find that they’re hiring for a huge proportion of jobs that involve social media. The Apple twitter account is currently inactive with no content, but despite that it boasts an audience of 7.7 million. This is a sign of the enormous social influence Apple has. Visit here for more information.

Alphabet that Google has a subordinate, is currently hiring the third highest number of jobs in the field of social media which is 9percent of jobs advertised with the word “social media”. It is evident that Google is eager to create waves within the realm of social media, Google attempted to create a social media platform that could compete with Facebook in 2011 but Google+ was not a successful venture and was ultimately shut down in 2018 in a sign of the fierce competition among the social platforms.

Social media jobs are featured as among The Top 100 careers with big advancement, excellent compensation and rewarding work It’s an excellent chance for job seekers to discover a myriad of companies that are looking to adopt social media in advertised jobs.

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