Which is the best medicine for lipoma? Lipoma Treatment – A Quick Guide

Lipoma refers to a tumour composed of fat tissue. Lipoma is generally painless, movable, and soft. They are typically found under the skin, but it is not uncommon to find them deeper. Although lipoma is usually harmless, it can cause pain and physical discomfort if lipoma treatment does not begin early. Lipoma may also raise cosmetic concern when they become enlarged or presses nerves or organs. 

Read on to learn about the most effective medicine for lipoma treatment. But, before delving deeper, let’s understand lipoma and how to detect it.

Lipoma – A Brief Intro

Lipoma is a slow-growing oval or round-shaped lump that develops under the human skin or muscle layer. It is composed of fat and changes its position if you press it with your fingers. Lipoma is generally painless until it grows out of control. So, lipoma treatment is imperative if you do not want to let the condition aggravate.  

The most common spots for lipoma are the shoulders, abdomen, and upper back. There can be more than one lipoma in the human body. Lipoma causes include obesity, family history, and lack of exercise. When you visit a hospital for lipoma treatment, they may perform a tissue biopsy or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to diagnose the medical condition and treat it appropriately. Biopsy is done as a safety measure though lipoma is typically a noncancerous and soft-tissue tumour.   

Lipoma affects almost two of every one hundred people. Male adults between forty and sixty are usually more affected by lipoma than females.

Lipoma – Major Causes

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Similarly, before initiating lipoma treatment, it is wise to understand the causes of the issue to prevent the disease. 

Besides obesity, family history, and lack of exercise, lipoma may also occur due to the following reasons:

  • Madelung’s Disease – Men drinking excessive alcohol are more prone to Madelung’s disease or Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis. This disease increases the size of the lipomas in the patient’s body. Also, lipomas may appear on the shoulder and neck.  
  • Gardner Syndrome – Garner Syndrome or Familial Adenomatous Polyposis is one of the most common causes of lipomas. It also causes several health-related complications. 
  • Hereditary Liopmatosis – Hereditary lipomatosis or Familial Multiple Lipomatosis is passed from a parent to their kids. 
  • Dercum’s Disease – Although rare, Dercum’s disease, Anders’ Syndrome, or Adiposis Dolorosa, is very powerful in increasing the size of lipomas in the human trunk, legs, and arms. 

The good news is – all of the conditions mentioned above can be cured through lipoma treatment if you approach the best healthcare facility. 

When Should You Seek Lipoma Treatment?

The most common lipoma symptom is a swelling or lump on any part of the body. If you see it on your body, seek medical help immediately. The doctor may advise you on lipoma treatment, including suggesting the best medicine.

Lipoma can be mild or severe. If it is mild, some essential medicines can get you on track. However, if lipoma occurs inside someone’s internal organs or muscles, the only treatment might be to remove the lump through an operation.

Although rare, a lump may also be cancerous. This condition is called liposarcoma. If your doctor detects this condition, s/he will ask you to undergo a few more tests to get confirmed. So, it is wise to schedule an appointment soon after spotting a lump or swelling anywhere in your body.

How to Treat Lipoma

Lipoma treatment is uncomplicated. There is no way to reduce a lipoma’s size without consulting a doctor. While self-care may control it to an extent, it will not go away without medical treatment. Generally, people suffering from lipoma apply warm compresses to the affected spot (read, lump). However, what works for normal skin lumps does not behave similarly with lipomas since these are not normal lumps; they are fat cells.

If your lipoma is detected early, your doctor may suggest a few mild medicines. However, if the lipoma causes pain or outgrows the skin, the doctor may recommend a surgical procedure to remove it. Doctors usually remove lipoma with a minor incision. There is no need to get hospitalised either since the patient can walk away from the hospital on the same day of the surgery. But, the doctor may recommend visiting them after two weeks to remove the stitches.

Besides surgical lipoma treatment, doctors may also administer steroids to reduce a tumour’s size or perform liposuction. The doctor pulls out the fatty tissue in liposuction using a syringe and needle.


If you are suffering from lipoma, don’t panic. Instead, seek out a second opinion from India’s best doctors. While lipoma treatment through surgery is the last step, there are many other ways to treat this medical condition. Visit Max Healthcare to consult with reputed and qualified doctors and treat lipoma quickly.

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