Which curriculum is a better choice for your child?

Which curriculum is a better choice for your child? post thumbnail image

The heroes of tomorrow are most likely playing around in your house right now, but they need a firm foundation to grow into intellectual and responsible citizens. To find the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore for your child, seek one that is close to your home and consider their academics as well as your financial situation. In this article, we will discuss A-Z about why CBSE is a better option for you.

What Is The Goal of the CBSE Board?

The CBSE board’s major goal is to promote the overall development of a child’s personality and intellect. CBSE education also establishes the foundation for a child’s cultural growth. The CBSE, or Central Board of Secondary Education, is an Indian government-run organization that promotes education in both public and private schools.

What Are The Rewards Of A CBSE Board?

Each board has its own set of benefits and, for a variety of reasons, becomes handier for your youngster. So, before we go any further, it’s crucial to remember that you’re looking out for your child’s best interests and choosing a board that best meets their wants and expectations. If you’re considering enrolling your child in the CBSE board, here are some of the benefits that can support your decision:

  • More Student-Friendly

The board is designed to facilitate student learning, and textbooks and study materials are interactive. Students are taught to make learning fun and amusing through activities interspersed between chapters.

  • Exam Structure:

Unlike other exams, CBSE exams are designed to focus on the students and their learning. Students are not expected to memorize and write answers on CBSE exams; instead, the focus is on determining how much the students have learned. The most important lesson from these exams is that pupils gain knowledge through the process.

  • Competitive Exam Advantage:

If your child wishes to apply to IIT/AIIMS in the future, studying under the CBSE board will provide them an advantage over their peers. The CBSE curriculum is based on the NCERT syllabus (National Council of Educational Research and Training). Because the CBSE administers the preparatory exams for IITs and AIIMS, anyone who has previously studied under this board will be more familiar with its examination format.

  • Focus on Complete Growth & Development:

One of the most significant advantages of the CBSE board is that it places a strong emphasis on a child’s overall development. It is instilled in students to look beyond the pages of a book. And any of India’s best CBSE schools will encourage its kids to be equally interested in sports and extracurricular activities as they are in academics. Students will be able to seek more options as a result of this.


  • The ICSE boards place a greater focus on English as a medium of teaching, whereas the CBSE board does not have a preference for any language.


  • Parents who work in professions that require a lot of travel should go for the CBSE Board, as it is the most widely accepted qualification in India.
  • The CBSE utilizes an alphabetical grading system, but the ICSE evaluates students using a score.

Final Words

It’s time to get ahead of the game by selecting the best school for your child. But before selecting the best school for your child you need to check the expenses the school might cost you, the opportunity the school might provide your child, the exposure to extracurricular like art, music, and sports, how are the teachers they have, how is the behavior of the non-teaching staff, etc. To ease that you can check out CVM Coimbatore to get full information about the best international schools in Coimbatore for your child.

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