What you should know about IVD POCT

This blog post is about point-of-care testing or more commonly known as POCT. There are many different types of IVD POCT, such as body fluid tests and molecular diagnostic tests.

What is IVD POCT?

IVD POCT is the process of analyzing and managing patient information in real-time. POCT improves the quality of care by enabling clinicians to diagnose and treat patients more quickly and accurately.

IVD POCT allows real-time capture, management, and analysis of patient data. This can be done with a device such as a smartphone or a computer. This data can be used to help diagnose and treat patients faster, thereby improving the quality of care.

The benefits of IVD POCT

IVD POCT is gaining popularity because it has several benefits over traditional care delivery methods. These benefits include improved patient safety, faster diagnosis, reduced costs, and better patient care.

One of the greatest benefits of IVD POCT is that it improves patient safety. With POCT, healthcare providers can quickly and easily obtain information about a patient’s health status. This information can then be used to make better care decisions.

IVD POCT also helps reduce costs. By using mobile devices, healthcare providers can reduce the time required to collect data and the number of visits required to diagnose. This saves patients and healthcare providers time and money.

Finally, IVD POCT can improve patient care. By providing healthcare providers with real-time information about a patient’s health, POCT can help optimize treatment options and ensure the best outcomes for patients.


IVD POCT is a trend that is on the rise and has numerous benefits over conventional medical examinations. They are perfect for usage in situations when time is of the essence or where there are few resources because they are often faster and more accurate. Additionally, POCT can be used to detect disease early on, before symptoms have materialized. Please get in touch with Wondfo if you want to learn more about POCT.