What to Do in the Last Week before Your GRE Exam?

So, you have only one week left for the GRE. Ideally, by the last week, you would’ve learnt almost all the concepts and attempted many practice tests. And, if you have failed to complete your preparation as per your plan, it is not ideal for cramming everything in the last week. So what can you do in the previous week before the GRE? We will tell you what you should do in the last few days before the exam? With the help of this article, you will know about the preparation in the last week before your GRE exam.

GRE Exam:

Graduate Record Examination or GRE is an internationally accepted entrance test administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service). Every year lakh of aspirants who wish to pursue master’s courses or PhD at well-known B-Schools abroad appear for the GRE exam.

The GRE exam has three main sections. They are given by,

  • Analytical Writing
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

If you want to get a good score in this exam needs months of preparation. Having said that, if you have only one week left for the exam, you can consider this guide below to plan your last week of practice. 

Days 1-2

●   Take practice tests and evaluates your answers –The more you attempt practice tests, the more are the chances of getting a high score. If you have about a week or more left before the actual exam, consider taking timed GRE practice tests to see where you stand. You can solve the practice problems from ETS Official Guide or consider solving GRE question papers from other credible sources. Once you take the test, evaluate the results to find out the areas where you need to practice more and solve more problems from that specific subject area. However, make sure you don’t pressurize yourself too much. 

Day 3-4

●     Review your notes – You might’ve already made short notes for all the essential concepts asked in the exam. Use the last few days to review these notes. Make sure you give more attention to the concepts that might have been confusing for you at the beginning of the preparation. If you have created flashcards for quant formulas, you can use these to revise the concepts you’ve learned. 

Day 5-6

●     Go through the exam format again – It is extremely important to know the GRE exam format inside out. Even if you are aware of the format, take time to go through the same once more. This will help you calculate how much time you have for each question from different sections. By doing this, you’ll be able to understand if you’re spending too long on a question during the exam – and skip it and go back to it later. 

Day 7

●     Get a good night’s sleep and relax – Don’t do anything on the day before the exam. Get some good night’s sleep and stay positive. Make sure you have all the required documents in place the night before. And, if you are taking the GRE at home, make sure your computer is working correctly, and you have uninterrupted internet access. Stay positive and be mentally prepared to take the test.

Final checklist:

Okay, are you ready? Here’s your last week’s checklist:

  • Memorize your GRE time benchmark.
  • You can plan your travel to the testing centre.
  • Think about all your last-minute questions and research for answers.
  • Review all your words one last time.
  • Do a few sets of arithmetic exercises.
  • Complete a 20-item, mixed-item set of 5 pounds of GRE practice problem book on two or three different days.
  • Check your GRE problem log.
  • The day before the exam and the morning of the exam, relax and focus on your mindset! If you follow these instructions, Show that you have done everything right. Are you ready to earn points that best reflect your abilities?

Also, please note that you should not study the day before or on the test day. This may seem counterintuitive. But it’s essential to take a break. It is cramming in before the GRE will tire you out and leave you unprepared for hours on end.

Getting a high score in the GRE exam is not easy. You need a lot of hard work and preparation. However, if you have one week left for the exam, it is not advisable to cram everything at the last minute. Instead, take it easy that week, do things you love to, relax, and give it your best on the day of the exam. Good luck!

mansi kapoor
mansi kapoor


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