What Is Great About Lift and Slide Doors?

Looking for a contemporary style and functional door design for your home? Sliding doors are something that you can consider. These types of doors have multiple panels, of which at least one panel slides back and forth. The benefit of sliding doors is that these doors can be dramatically wide compared to standard doors. Other than this, there are a number of features and perks that one can enjoy by installing lift and slide doors in their home. Let’s know some of the reasons why these types of doors are so popular: 

Unobstructed Natural Light 

With expansive glass panes, you can easily let in more natural light. While this can make your room look a lot more spacious, getting ample sunlight in your room is suitable for your physical as well as mental health. Moreover, you also get to enjoy some fantastic views of the surroundings that will keep you refreshed and rejuvenated. 

A Convenient and Smart Option

Sliding doors are known to offer a seamless experience. This is because they provide a convenient path of ingress without taking up any additional space. While traditional doors work on hinge mechanisms and are folded outwards, they tend to take up lots of space and thus create a barrier between two areas. With lift and slide doors, you can simply create a wide and seamless entrance. Also, these lift & slide doors cost would not burn a hole in your pocket, which makes it a preferred choice for the homeowners.


It is essential to consider energy-efficient doors. During extreme weather, lift & slide doors can help in maintaining indoor temperature, which can further help you reduce air conditioning costs. Also, one should opt for double and triple glazed doors with U-Values that can also help in keeping the home cool in hot weather and warmer in winter.

For instance, some of the most renowned housing product manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA have come up with the aluminum lift and slide doors that offer excellent results in hot and tropical climates as they are extremely energy efficient. 


Also, lift & slide doors can help you save some extra space as they do not open outwards or inwards. Because of the lifting system, these doors are a lot more convenient to operate. When the doors are entirely rotated through 180 degrees, it lifts the complete door off its seal and glides along easily. When it is rotated to the closed position, the door will drop back down, creating an air-tight seal that will prevent dust from entering the premises. These doors are the perfect solution to free up more space to connect the garden with your house’s interior.


When it comes to selecting the best door for your place, you may want an option that is easy to use and offer plenty of natural light. And while there are various options, lift & slide doors are one of the best to consider. Also, the cost of lift & slide doors is optimal that would not burn your pocket. And it would still allow you to give your home a whole new look and feel. 

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  1. Lift And Slide Doors: Features
    Let us have a look at the features of the lift and slide doors:

    Lift/Slide doors are perfect for both domestic and professional purposes.
    Glazed beading is accessible to fit IG measurements between 3/4′′ to 1-1/2′′.
    These have incorporated thermally-split aluminum that keeps the framework strengthened.
    All sash designs have zinc-plated steel supports.
    It comes in wood grain as well as tinted laminated finishing.
    It comes in three options: 2, 3, and 4-panel arrangements.
    These doors also come in pocket designs, enabling the lift/slide door to move between partitioning or division.

  2. Features & Benefits of Lift and Slide door
    As locking points all around the sash perimeter are engaged, it provides exceptional protection against the elements of nature. Resistant to air and water infiltration.

    Highly energy efficient, Extremely simple and easy to operate, Unobstructed views to the great outdoors while offering high levels of protection against burglars.

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