What is an SEO audit?

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The design and creation of professional websites cannot be improvised. Instead, they should include quality standards for you to achieve your online goals. If it is now possible to create a website without any technical knowledge, thanks to a CMS like WordPress, the support of a web proxy is generally essential. Optimization for search engines, personalized design, enriched user experience… Discover 3 good reasons to ask web agents to create your website.

A website optimized for engines and Internet users

The effectiveness and success of a website depend on many factors. However, natural references are the main pillar of any digital strategy.

Indeed, optimizing your website for natural quotes will allow it to:

  • Attract qualified traffic;
  • Attract your prospects with high quality content;
  • Ultimately increase the visibility and visibility of your business.

However, be careful not to reduce SEO to search engine optimization only. While optimizing the technical parameters of your website directly affects its positioning on the results page, it should also apply to the different content and browsing experiences you offer your visitors.

By using a web proxy, you will be able to envision how to optimize your business website from concept. You will benefit from personalized support in the selection of keywords, essential for positioning your business on the web and optimizing the technical and editorial standards of your website.

What is an SEO audit?

The SEO audit consists of an inventory of the general performance of the natural referencing of your website. Its objective is to identify the elements to optimize in order to improve your visibility on search engine results. Indeed, you should know that several factors can influence the performance of your website. While some are very visible, such as user experience or your content, others such as the indexing of your pages or your code are less visible.

Thus, the SEO audit offers you the opportunity to highlight all these elements and adjust them if they do not meet the criteria of quality, performance or reliability required by search engines. You should note that the technical SEO audit is first used to identify areas for improvement to your natural referencing and then to propose the appropriate SEO strategy to promote its performance.

The main stages of the SEO audit

Performing a good SEO audit requires verifying and conscientiously analyzing a series of points in order to detect possible optimizations for your website. To do this, here are some essential steps in carrying out your SEO audit:

Review keywords

The first step in an SEO audit is to perform a keyword audit. In other words, it’s about checking whether the keywords you chose during your initial keyword research are ideal or whether they need to be made strategic changes. To do this, make sure your current keywords are accessible, relevant, and profitable.

Perform the competition audit

Doing a competitive analysis is essential at the start of your SEO campaign . This step is just as essential during an SEO audit. This will allow you to see if any of your keywords are too competitive, understand the types of content that work the most with your competitors, and analyze your competitor’s link profile with the goal of uncovering new link opportunities.

Perform the technical audit

This step consists of auditing the technical part of your website so as to have a global vision of its foundation. Indeed, your site must be easily accessible for both Internet users and search engines. It must also offer good quality code. You should keep in mind that it is important to make your site as easy as possible for Google to read.

Search engine optimisation

To achieve this, here are the major technical points to check through the SEO technical audit:

  • the site loading speed,
  • mobile compatibility,
  • Security,
  • errors and redirects,
  • indexing of pages,
  • urls,
  • the robots.txt file,
  • architecture,
  • the sitemap.
  • The tools used for an SEO audit

The choice of tools is important for a successful SEO audit. Indeed, a good tool will give you access to precise and interesting data, but will also allow you to save precious time on the exploitation and analysis of the latter.

To perform an SEO audit, there are both free tools and paid tools. The best performing free tools are those from Google (Search Console and Analytics). It should also be noted that the data collected on paid software comes from Search Console and Analytics.

As for paid tools, you can also find several software choices. However, SEMRUSH remains the benchmark in this area. However, tools like Ahref or Screaming Frog are also efficient.

All the reasons to adopt inbound marketing


In recent years, the expectations and behavior of buyers have changed significantly. Any company wishing to attract as many customers as possible therefore has an interest in reviewing its marketing strategy. Due to its innovative approach, inbound marketing is in this case the best solution for an effective and modern marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll give you the good reasons to switch to inbound marketing.

Classic methods are obsolete

The old methods we used to use to attract customers are running out of steam. They are no longer effective. According to the many studies that have been done recently, they no longer work. Buyers are fed up with these repeated solicitations. What makes that the results of the salespeople are impacted. On the other hand, content marketing has the advantage of being more flexible and above all listening to the needs of buyers. Thanks to this new method, you will no longer give the intention of being an intrusive. Your customers will see you as a service rendered. So, to successfully develop this strategy, call on Hubspot certified inbound marketing specialists .

Better coordination within your company

Complementarity and coordination between your B2B sales and marketing teams are at the heart of the inbound marketing strategy. Indeed, by making them work together, you will be able to qualify the leads generated and develop an appropriate treatment for your contacts. This way you are sure to get a positive impact on your ROI. This is because of the increase in the number of opportunities. Definitely, it therefore saves time and increases efficiency.

Optimal result

Whatever type of activity you undertake, your inbound marketing strategies will allow you to obtain measurable and clearly objective results. Indeed, an inbound marketing agency generally uses adapted and specific tools. Whether it is Hubspot or other CMS, they allow you to clearly know what each action generates as leads, as traffic, etc. The implementation of CTAs, call to action, and optimized Landing Pages, allows a simple and effective monitoring of your KPIs. Regular use of these tools is essential in order to be able to regularly monitor activity and get a clear idea of ​​what is working and what is not. This with the aim of making concrete improvements. Thus, it is often essential to adopt good practices.

Generate more leads

 Thanks to the inbound marketing method, you will be able to generate more qualified leads. This is because of the coordination of your marketing and sales teams, but also thanks to the finer perception of your personas and their journey. This way, you will have a better vision of their needs and expectations and you will be able to work more acutely on your content so as to attract the right profiles. Your results will be improved more and the efficiency of your work will be palpable. This is because your work will be more focused. Subsequently, you can benefit from growing your sales opportunities by rewarding your efforts. Thus, if you agree to implement the right method and that in a correct way, your strategies will be up to 10 times more effective in converting leads. 

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