What do the Best-rated Gynecologists’ in Dwarka do in a prenatal Checkup?

What do the Best-rated Gynecologists’ in Dwarka do in a prenatal Checkup? post thumbnail image

It is common to be tensed about upcoming doctor appointments and it is understandable. While you are carrying a smaller version of yourself in your womb, the experience is even more tizzy. The nine months of carrying and baby and the first few months after birth is critical for both the mother and the baby. Having a healthcare provider who understands your emotional and physical challenges is imperative. Hence it is recommended that you select a good Pregnancy care clinic. You should select a doctor who is qualified, experienced, and who you are comfortable with. It is important to be happy during pregnancy and you will need a practitioner who you can also confide in. To know what the process will look like, let’s take a look below.

The First prenatal check

Best rated gynecologists’ will first give you a physical check to determine your overall health. This will include a routine weight check along with some blood work. The doctor will need your vitals such as blood pressure, red blood cell count, lymphocyte count, and creatinine levels. Samples from your blood and urine are required by the Pregnancy care clinic in Dwarka. A blood test will also rule out infections like syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV. Another requirement is to know your blood group along with the Rh factor. If you don’t have the Rh protein in your blood and your baby does, it can lead to Rh disease in your baby.

The doctor also needs to treat you if you have anemia because lack of blood means that your body cannot distribute oxygen throughout. preeclampsia is a serious disease that can happen due to excess protein in your urine. The signs of this are shown by high blood pressure. A urine test will indicate diabetes, kidney disorders or bladder infection, or like. The first visit will generally be a long one as the doctor needs to confirm in all ways possible that you are safe to carry a baby.

Make sure you choose a clinic that is convenient to reach, since traveling to a far-off place and then again waiting for all the tests to be covered can be a daunting task. Remember that you need to be stress-free at all times for your baby’s wellbeing. Besides your doctor also needs to confirm that you do not have any tumors or cancerous cells in you. So the doctor might ask for a pap smear and examine the organs in the pelvic area and womb. Since all these check-ups are needed you need to select a doctor that you are okay with. Rest assured, all doctors are professional and you will not face any kind of embarrassment. Try to view the check-up from the same point of view. Best rated Gynecologist in Dwarka might also advise you for a flu shot.


Knowing how the check-up will be, will help in calming your nerves as well as prepare you for anything that you need preparation for. Additionally, you can also cross-check if your doctor is following the same. Note this is just a glimpse of the process there is more to the first meeting with your doctor!

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