What Are The Popular Hashtags On Instagram In 2021?

What Are The Popular Hashtags On Instagram In 2021?

A hashtag is a word, or a set of words, which is preceded by a hash and which allows content to be filtered according to very specific areas of interest. These are actually keywords that are used on social networks and in particular on Instagram. You can include them in your bio, in your caption, or even with the videos and photos you post. This “Instagram filter” will make it easier for the many users of the platform to access your content.

By regularly using hashtags, you will expose your services and products to a target audience. Hashtags also allow you to follow new trends, track your competition and increase traffic to your posts. And who says more traffic, also says more Instagramlikes and more interaction with your content.

The statistics available clearly show that posts that come with hashtags create a much higher engagement rate than posts that don’t. So what are you waiting for? In this article, you will discover among other things the popular hashtags on Instagram in 2021!

Popular hashtags in 2021: types and examples


There are 4 kinds of popular hashtags on Instagram:

· Niche hashtags: This kind of hashtag is the least used, but will help you get the closest to an audience that will be highly engaged. Even though they are less competitive than the other hashtags in this list, they will get you the best quality of subscribers.

· Branded hashtags: These hashtags (also called photography hashtags ) are usually related to an online store, influencer, or marketing campaign. These hashtags represent the name of a business, the name of a product or service, or the campaign slogan. They are not used outside of this context.

· Community hashtags: These hashtags link users who are interested in similar interests. These are generally related to the passions of users, such as sport, commerce, fashion, or even history.

· Line of business hashtags: These are also called InstaHashtags, as they derive from a line of business in which the influencer is located, as well as that of the target audience. They are sometimes associated with community hashtags.
Some examples of top popular hashtags

Let’s start with some popular hashtags that are extremely trending at the moment. These would be hashtags such as #instamood, #instaphoto, or #love. You can supplement these hashtags with requests for Instagram likes or followers such as # follow4follow, #followme, or #followme.

In the fashion world, the best hashtags are hashtags like # fashionstyle, #shoppingaddict, or #outfitdaily. In the culinary world, we will rather find trendy hashtags like #miam, #passionfood, or #cuisinemaison.

The top popular travel hashtags for Instagram right now are #travel, #travelgram, and #vacation while the best hashtags in the tech world are obviously #technology, #virtualreality, and #innovation.

The best popular hashtags that are related to Instagram contests are among others: #jeuxconcours, #freebie, and #winning

As you can see, most of the hashtags are in English. English can be considered the most influential language in the world and a large part of Internet users, especially young people, master this language. The main attraction of the popular hashtags we have mentioned is that you can combine them with almost any post. The trendy ones keep changing, and you will need to research regularly to find out what is new in this area.

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