What are LinkedInText Ads and types of LinkedInads?

What are LinkedInText Ads and types of LinkedInads?

What exactly are Text ads

Text ads appear at the top and right of Linked in’s desktop feed. They are a great option for building strong leads with professional audiences.


While text ads have been part of LinkedIn since their inception selling ads, most advertisers have not used them since introducing visual sponsored content ads. This overview will discuss the pros and cons of text ads so that you can incorporate them into your LinkedIn Ads strategy.


LinkedIn text ads are an ad format that contains a headline, very short text, and an image. They are much smaller than other formats and have a lot less space.


LinkedIn offers text ads. These ads only require a brief description and headline. LinkedIn uses these inputs to place the ads in several locations on its homepage for desktop users. These ads are different from sponsored content ads because they are desktop-only, less expensive in CPCs, and have a wider reach.


LinkedIn sponsored content ads are a top priority if you want to increase conversions and are on a tight budget. To increase volume and reach an audience that is very good for sponsored content, we recommend adding text ads to your LinkedIn strategy.

What are the different types of LinkedIn ads?


Text and Display Ads


LinkedIn text- and display ads work much like a Google PPC Ad, but each ad has an image. These ads will appear almost everywhere except in your news feeds. In addition, these ads will appear in people’s inboxes and at the bottom and side of the LinkedIn homepage. Targeted ads can be targeted to show key decision-makers that you need to close a sale. You can also target specific companies to target.


Sponsored Content


Sponsored content, also known as native ads, is displayed in your audience’s LinkedIn feed regardless of whether they are scrolling on desktop or mobile. These ads are labeled promoted by LinkedIn to differentiate them from regular content. LinkedIn offers three options for advertising with Sponsored content: LinkedIn carousel ads and single-image ads.


Dynamic Ads


Dynamic ads are placed in the right section of LinkedIn. They speak directly to their audience through personalization. For example, a member’s details such as photo, employer name, and job title are displayed when a Dynamic Ad appears in their feed. If members feel that these ads are too personal, they can adjust their settings to hide them. Two types of dynamic ads are Sponsored Ads and Follower Ads.


Premium Display Advertising


 LinkedIn premium display advertising. These are great opportunities if your digital agency has experience with LinkedIn advertising and knows how to maximize your ROI. Premium Display ads are more expensive, so make sure you target your audience with hyper-specific targeting. Premium display ads in full color will appear in the side banners on LinkedIn and the long horizontal banners at the top and bottom of the LinkedIn homepage.


Sponsored Messaging


These ads can be used to send personal messages directly to LinkedIn members’ inboxes. LinkedIn limits how many people you may contact per day and how many times you can contact the same person per year.


Company Ads


You can also invest in Follow Company ads if your company is starting on LinkedIn. These ads are similar to Facebook-like campaigns and appear in users’ newsfeeds. They encourage targeted audiences to follow your company. This USPS Business advertisement shows you how that works.


Text Ads 


You maybe familiar with Google Ads or have created an ad elsewhere on social media. If so, you should know how LinkedIn Ads work. You create a text ad that directs your target audience members to your website, product landing pages, or other relevant web pages to convert leads.

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