Webinar Marketing Strategy: A Proven Path to More Leads

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There are many marketing strategies used by business tycoons to generate leads for their businesses. Do all these strategies work properly? How do these strategies assist business owners to expand their businesses? I have applied many of these strategies to grow up many businesses but there are some strategies that have worked well. One of the most useful strategies in this era is the webinar marketing strategy. If you are thinking of expanding your business and generating more leads for your business, you can choose a webinar marketing strategy for it. 

In the latter section of this article, you will learn about the webinar marketing strategy, pre-webinar activities, and the different phases of this master strategy. So let’s start with why you must consider webinar marketing strategies.

Why Consider Webinars For Marketing?

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many strategies for marketing but webinars have the most powerful tool in marketing strategy. It looks like a classical method of doing business advertisement but still, it is popular. When we add the video camera to the webinars, it adds more value to it and looks like a more engaging tool.

In a webinar, your first and foremost step is to give something before asking for anything in return. In webinars, you serve and teach people in a session of 30-40 minutes. You make people’s minds purchase something from you. Then You urge them to decide whether they buy things from you or not.  

You can have some distinct advantages of using video during webinars.

  • There is no privacy on webinars. You can easily use your exceptional experience on webinars. 
  • When your audience will be busy with your webinar, social media notifications will not distract their attention. 
  • It allows you to answer the questions of your audience during the whole webinar. It helps the host to engage more audience and the audience can jump into it to buy something.
  • Webinars also help to get a solid list of emails.

Process of Webinar Marketing Strategy

You can’t just jump into the webinar, teach people, and sell your product. There is a defined roadmap that makes you able to build a perfect webinar marketing strategy. The process is divided into three parts:

  • (Pre-Webinar Activities)
  • (Phases of the Live Webinar)
  • (Post-Webinar Follow Up)

Let’s discuss some pre-webinar activities.

Pre-Webinar Activities

There are three activities that have to be performed before starting a webinar. 

  • Choosing a Webinar Topic 
  • Promotion
  • Live Viewers

Let’s have a look at each point in detail and how these key points help the webinar to make it successful. 

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Choose a Webinar Topic

The best webinars address the problems of a large audience. Webinars will show your audience what is possible.

The primary goal of webinars is to divert people’s minds to a specific thing and make them able to take action. Which thing urges them to make their decision? If you straightaway ask them to buy something from your webinar, your attendees might leave your webinar.

With selling in mind, you have to align your topic according to your product and your next step is to sell your product. You have to choose the exact topic that matches your product. 

For Instance, your webinar course title is, “How to Create and Launch a Profitable Digital Course.” This title will help people to understand what is the purpose of your webinar 

and they can easily understand if the course is fit for them. The people will not know about the digital course but they will be excited about it if your title will be appealing. 

When you generate a title, you can have an experiment on the webinar topic. You have to understand your target audience. Start a survey by asking a golden question from your audience via emails, social media, and so on. 

When people will answer your questions, you have a response to your webinar topic. If they like the topic, you can continue with it but unfortunately, if your audience does not like your audience, you must change the topic. 

Promote Your Webinar

Amy, an expert on webinars and course creation, recommends two ways to promote your webinar. 

The first method is to take advantage of social media. You can go live on Facebook for 1 to 2 months before sharing your webinar. You can share tips on live calls and then collect email lists from some sort of CTAs.

Before 7-10 days from the webinar, you can change the CTA with Sign up after you collect all the emails. You can make their minds by giving an attractive caption. For example, “Hey, if you liked this, you’re going to love my webinar. Come join me…”

You can use many social media platforms like Facebook live sessions, Instagram stories, Instagram live, and many others. Amy Porterfield suggested the length of a webinar is 15-20 minutes but it can be more than 20 minutes if you want a Q/A session. 

In a live Facebook session, Amy has told people how to change their weekly habits while working 40 hours per week. How you can easily switch your business mind with a digital course. He has created a catchy line in a way that every person can easily click on her video. 

She suggested that you don’t make long stories to detract your audience. Never make it complicated. Just share your own experience and pique people’s interest so they can easily sign up for your webinar. 

Moreover, if you have revenue for paid advertisement, you can run paid ads to drive your audience directly onto your webinar. This is also a good idea for generating leads.

The second thing is to leverage from your email list that you have gathered on Facebook live sessions. You send an email to the audience and tell them what is the purpose of your webinar. How can they get benefits from your webinar? What kind of participants can join your webinar?

You don’t know who will be interested in your webinar so try to send the email to everyone on the list. Make sure you send the email twice because many people don’t bother to check their emails. They might get your email a second time and they join the webinar. 

Live Viewers

Amy Porterfield noticed that about 30-35% of join people the webinar who has signed up for the webinar. This is really an amazing thing because, in the past, this percentage was 20-25%. 

How can you increase the chances that people who sign up for the webinar will attend? You create one freebie (lead magnet) that viewers can only get by attending the webinar. When the webinar goes live, pin the link with a comment on the freebie homepage.

Amy’s latest webinar’s freebie is called the Lead Magnet Promo Super Pack, and instead of a standard download, it’s jam-packed with a value like email templates and a swipe file.

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Phases of the Live Webinar

Paint the Possibility 

In the first few minutes of your webinar, you paint the possible picture for your viewers. You tell the pitch of your webinar at this point whether it is to lose weight, fix a relationship, or build a business. When you start the webinar properly, people will be eager to learn the other part of the webinar as well. 

Path of Pillars

The second path is called the path of pillars because, in this step, people will walk away, decide something, feel excited, or be driven to take some actions. You can use these pillars or mindsets of the audience to reshape another pillar where people can change their minds towards your product. 

In one pillar, you can exactly teach your audience what you record, edit it and surprise them with a new idea. During another pillar, you can change your idea according to people’s minds and present a reshaped idea to your audience. 


Great webinars confirm conversion into sales. In the entire webinar, you have made people’s minds about your product. They are excited to get this thing. But in the end, you will tell them how they can get your product or services easily. 

For Instance, If you are offering a digital course, you can define the advantages of the course in the webinar. You can paint an inspirational picture of your course. 

Most of the people stay for 60 minutes in the webinar and want to listen to the promotion in the end. So you have to talk about it between 45-50 minutes of the webinar. If you are doing a 30 minutes session, try to promote your product after 20 minutes so that your audience will get your promotion.

Post-Webinar Follow Up

According to Amy Porterfield, she can sell up to 50% from the post-webinar strategy. 

After 24 hours of your webinar, you must send an email to ask for feedback from your audience. Who did not attend the webinar, just send them an email to check out the latest webinar. “Hey, here’s what you missed on the webinar. By the way, I introduced my brand-new program. Here’s what it’s about… Go watch the webinar to check it out.”

“MotionMail is an app you can use to add a countdown timer to emails. When someone opens your email, the timer is literally ticking. It tells them how much time they have left to purchase your course or take advantage of your offer—24 hours left, 2 hours left, whatever the time frame might be.”

Key Takeaways From This Masterpiece

In the above section, you have learned the most important webinar marketing strategy to generate more leads for your software development business. The key takeaways from this webinar marketing strategy are:

  • Why should you choose a webinar marketing strategy?
  • Processes of Webinar Marketing strategy. 
  • Pre-webinar activities- Choose a topic, promotions, live viewers
  • Different phases of the webinar- Paint the possibility, path of pillars, promotion
  • Post-webinar follow up through email marketing

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