Ways to Keep Your Car Well-Maintained

Ways to Keep Your Car Well-Maintained


Ever wondered how easy our lives would become if we learned one or two, car maintenance tricks? Although we do know, a few DIYs do not make us automobile experts. And for some fixing a reliable mechanic visit is inevitable.


However, for convenient maintenance services, we can rely on Valvoline oil. Understanding our daily, hectic schedules their instant oil change has provided stay-in-your-car services. Availing the online Valvoline couponsyou can get replacements and services that are costly for bare minimum charges.


We can relate to you if you have little to no knowledge as to how to keep your automobile well-maintained. Making it easier for you, we have come up with a list of basic to medium tips and tricks that will help you keep your car in good shape and well-kept.


Start with Basic Cleaning

 Keep the automobile technicalities aside for now. The foremost and basic maintenance starts by keeping your car clean. If the exterior of your car is dusty, scratched with crow shit on the front glass. Then no matter how luxurious your ride is, it will leave a bad impression.


Learning quick DIY fixes will immensely help you. You can clean the gunk off your tires and windscreen wipers by mixing soda into water and wiping it with a fiber cloth piece. And for the dashboard, olive oil can do wonders. Restore the shiny texture by sprinkling a few drops of the miracle oil and then clean it with a damp towel.


These cleaning tricks don’t take longer than 5 minutes. But for covering a scratch you might want to stay heedful while applying the same color tone nail paint. Yes, you can cover scratches with matte nail colors.


Inspect Tire Pressure

 How often have you taken your car to a local tire shop before heading out on a long road trip? No need to waste fuel. You can check the tire pressure yourself. That too, with just a penny. It’s an old practiced trick.


Place the penny, headfirst into several tire tread grooves. If the head is visible your tire needs replacement. It’s worn out and will soon go flat. But if the head is covered by the tread, you’re good to go.


Learn to replace a tire and keep an extra one with the tool kit in your trunk. Or you can stop by at Valvoline’s shop to get a quick fix.


Check the Fluids

You may not instantly become an expert at it, but you sure can check basic fluid proportions. There are a few fluids that you must know and keep at adequate levels. Power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and engine oil are on the priority list.

By learning the color, you can identify which fluid is leaking. Each of these fluids contributes to a smooth ride. A grinding noise and orange/green fluid leakage beneath the car engine are a sign of coolant leakage. You may want to take care of that.


For an oil change, Valvoline instant oil change has your problem solved. Use the online coupon and stay in your car. While the oil is replaced within a quick period. In the meantime, you can get other fluids checked too.


Examine Your Lights

Nobody wants to get into minor accidents or car crashes. But people are also heedless when it comes to burnt-out bulbs or broken headlights. Lights are important. Not only do they help keep your exterior look well-kept but prevent any hazard.


The tail lamps and headlights not only keep you safe but other drivers on the road as well. Ensuring your visibility and helping you communicate with others on the road. Avoid unexpected obstacles and look out for road signs with proper working car lights.


Check Brakes and Belts

No, you don’t have to call a mechanic and pay extra bucks just to get your brakes examined. You can do it yourself. If the brake pads are thin and seem worn out, it is time for you to get them replaced.

Belts and hoses are your life-saving guards, to ensure they are in good shape are eminent. If your car has a serpentine belt, its breakage might cause dysfunctionality in your car’s system.


At Valvoline, when you get your oil changed, use the online coupon. You can get your brakes checked too.


Car Insurance

We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to get your insured. Believe it or not, while you are on the road, you may get into an accident. Even if it is not your fault. To compensate for someone else’s fault, insurance is important.


Automobiles are a long-term investment, and to keep them maintained is costly. Insurance policies cover a lot of damage. Review your insurance policy might be helpful from time to time. Protect your assets and keep your car lawfully safeguarded.


Other than learning these tips and tricks, it is important to have contact with a reliable mechanic, whom you can trust. Reputable mechanics with auto technician expertise play a vital role in keeping your car maintained and in good shape.


Mechanics and technicians at Valvoline are trustworthy, honest experts. By using the online coupons, you can use their expertise!

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