Problem employees can cause headaches for business owners and managers. Here are three ways to identify employees who could cause problems for your IT support company.

Employees who don’t focus on business results

The best employees in a company are those who behave as if they own the company. These employees find the highest priority tasks and execute them in an exemplary manner. Employees who are disengaged or who only do the bare minimum will never turn the company from loss-making to profitable, let alone highly profitable. It is better not to hire such employees or to discard those who already work for your company.

Employees who conflict with others

Employees who don’t get along with others, whether they are co-workers, suppliers or (worst of all) customers, pose a serious threat to your business. Most businesses are difficult enough without the extra dose of drama these employees can add, and sometimes the only solution is to help them get out of your business as quickly as possible. Of course, everyone has bad days from time to time, but if your company starts to resemble a war zone (even dragging others into the conflict), it’s best to cut your losses and keep only the best employees who can work well with others.

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Employees who engage in other types of self-destructive behaviors.

This is by far the most serious problem you will face. Some employees set themselves up for failure or disaster by taking repeated risks, the potential benefits of which do not outweigh the risks. In addition, these employees are likely not focused on what needs to be done for your company to succeed. It’s a devastating combination, and you need to know the typical characteristics of these employees to avoid hiring them or be prepared to help them find another employer if they can’t get on their feet fast enough.

Therefore, if you don’t hire or retain employees who are not focused on company results, who argue with others, and who follow a self-destructive path, your company will be in a much better position in the long run. If these employees are part of your critical operations, you should start looking for a replacement who can take over so you can fire them as soon as possible.

In short, when you create a plan for improvement for problem employees, and train their co-workers or replacements in their job functions, you are well prepared to handle most problem employees. This should encourage most of them to improve. However, if they do not, or if their problems are severe violations of trust, then you should help them

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move on to their next job opportunity as soon as possible.

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