Want To Remove Odor Of Rat In A Car? Read This To Know!

Imagine a situation when you open your car door, and a pungent smell hits you suddenly. Would you like it? No! The smell is probably because of a dead animal or rat in your car. Rats are known to snake under the hood of trucks or cars during winter. Rats are attracted to protected and warm environments and will nest in cosy corners and survive chewing the electrical wiring of cars. But they cannot survive like that for a long time, and a live rat may rarely come out of the car. It is one of the reasons why the odour is foul in your car. If you want to remove odour of rat in a car, this article will help you. We will share some essential steps to help you remove the bad smell from the car. 

How to Remove Odour of Rat in a Car?

There are many ways to remove bad smells from your car but understanding the required steps is necessary before you get going. Check out the following tips and tricks to successfully eliminate the foul smell in your car from rats. Check out any car accessories shop online to get hold of the primary accessories you need for your mission to remove the dead rat smell. 

Locate the Rat

You will need a few basic things before you start your journey to locating the rat in your car. Some of them are plastic bags, rubber or plastic gloves, flashlights, rat repellent, face masks and lots of patience. You can also purchase an odour remover, which you can get at your nearest pet store. They are pretty productive in eliminating dead animals’ smells as well. 

Small rats can go into the tiny places in your car. Therefore, you need to search your car with a flashlight as it is the primary step to remove the bad smell from your car. Use a face mask in your nose and find the particular location. 

Try to follow the smell by going around your vehicle and discovering the place where it is the strongest. Also, try turning your vehicle on and running it to see if the smell becomes more pungent. Finally, provide the air filter in your cabin to inspect it for dropping or food bits. It is a primary step when you want to remove odour of rat in a car. 

Get an assistant and tell them to go below the car with a good light facility and check for the regions or other ways to check the tiny places to hide. Rats may make use of many materials to develop their nests. So make sure to follow each sign of food to know that it may lead to the rat. Once you find the culprit, you will be required to eliminate the remaining parts of the dead animal. 

Manage the Smell

You may not find it possible to find the dead animal every time. The smell may stay in your car, and you may be unable to find the culprit. In such a situation, one of the best ways to eliminate the bad smell is to use a rodent-neutralising spray and wait for the time until it decomposes and the car stops smelling.

The process may require many weeks, but the bad smell will decrease with time. You can keep the car windows open to allow the outside air in the interior so the smell can go out soon. Do not switch on the air conditioner for some days, and keep the windows open. If you think of the rodent to be within your car’s ventilation system, make sure to operate it daily to keep the air moving through your car. 

Multiple odour neutralisers are available in the market. You can purchase yours by keeping a bowl adjacent to the region of the smell and mixing a few drops of these neutralisers. If you do not purchase them or cannot find them in the market, you can choose coffee, white vinegar, activated charcoal or baking soda as a supplement. 

If the smell is more, you can use more than one bowl if needed. Ensure the car is well-ventilated when carrying out this procedure. You can also spray on the upholstery and carpet of your car with a rodent enzyme cleaner. The best idea would be to get a professional car cleaning done with the help of an extraction machine so that it does not leave any residue on the car surfaces. 

Wrapping Up

These are the steps to remove odour of rat in a car:

  1. Discover the source of rodent attraction in your car.
  2. Eliminate food sources inside your car and throw them inside the trash can.
  3. Keep your car clean and get it professionally done once every two months.

It would keep rodents and insects away and help you remedy the problem.

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