Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code: The Difference One Should Know


Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code: The Difference One Should Know

Are you getting confused between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code? Then, you are not alone. Several students find it difficult to understand both tools. Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code is the general question that confuses many students. They do not know the basic difference between both tools. Thus, keep scrolling if you want to know about both tools and also learn aboutmechanical assignment help.


In this blog, we will discuss Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code. Let’s start the discussion with an overview of both tools.


Visual Studio


Microsoft Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that was released by Microsoft. It can generate both managed and native code. This is used to develop websites, web services, computer applications, and mobile apps. Besides this, Visual Studio uses Microsoft’s development platform, which includes Window Forms, Window Store, Window API, Window Presentation Foundation, and Microsoft Silverlight.


Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code is the free source code editor for Linux, Windows, and macOS. Syntax highlighting, snippets, integrated Git, intelligent code completion, and code refactoring are all provided by Visual Studio Code. Users may customize their keyboard shortcuts, themes, and settings. Furthermore, the user can apply extensions to the program to improve its functionality. Visual Studio Code was released on GitHub’s VS Code repository.


Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code: Advantages


Visual Studio

      It offers a complete IDE for developers.

      The debugger provides a very high standard of accuracy and performance.

      Guidance is provided in the form of detailed documentation.

      A free community version is available.

      The best learning platform for beginners

      It comes with many useful power tools.

      For each user, a well-structured and simple-to-use interface is essential.


Visual Studio Code

      The implementation of the IntelliSense code is now available.

      Because of the user-friendly interface, it is simple to use.

      A multi-language editor is a strong tool that can work in a variety of languages.

      It features a quick start-up and processing time.

      It has a simple Git integration.

      There are several excellent refactoring tools available.

      It’s simple to use and understand.


Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code: Disadvantages


Visual Studio

      Takes up a lot of memory space.

      Its processing and startup times are also sluggish.

      It is not compatible with the Linux operating system.

      For macOS, just a few features are accessible.


Visual Studio Code

      Some extensions create problems with stability, especially when installed simultaneously.

      Extension management can sometimes be challenging.

      More advanced Debugging features are required.

      Only a few plugins cause VS Code to hang or crash.


Let’s learn the difference between both Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code.


Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code



Fields Of Difference

Visual Studio

Video Studio Code

Tool Type

A visual studio is a tool that belongs to the category of Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Visual Studio Code comes under the category of “Text Editor” software.


Scripting Language


It is written in a variety of languages. Mostly it is written in C#, with the rest in C/C++. Some of it is also written in VB.Net.

The Electron shell, Node.js, TypeScript, and the Language Server Protocol are all used to develop Visual Studio Code. It is updated once a month when the extensions need to be improved.

Supporting Operating Systems

It needs 1GB of RAM on your computer and 1.5GB if it’s running in a virtual machine.

 It takes 1GB of RAM on your computer. Because it is a lightweight source code editor, it takes up less than 500MB of hard disk space.

Supported Language

It’s a Microsoft IDE created for the C# and.NET developer community. With .Net, Unity, Azure, and Docker support, you can create web, mobile, and desktop apps. Xamarin is used in the .Net Core, Android, iOS, and macOS targets.

It is built-in to support JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js. It has a large ecosystem of extensions for various languages and runtimes, including C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, and Go.




 It provides three packages to its customers.

      A completely free community package.

      Business package at $45 per month.

      An Enterprise package at $250 per month.


 Completely free to use for any user.




Facts and Figures Related to Visual Studio and Video Studio Code


      Visual Studio is included in 657 business stacks and 978 developer stacks on StackShare, which we believe is a reasonable quantity.

      Visual Studio Code is referenced in 1104 corporate stacks and 2298 developer stacks on StackShare, indicating a higher level of trust.




To sum up, above, we discussed Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code and learned the difference between them. Bith tools are just perfect in their place. Both have brighter and darker sides, but it depends on what your requirements are. However, try and test both the tools and decide which one best you perfectly.




1. Is Visual Studio Code good for Python?

Answer: Visual Studio Code is a free source code editor that fully supports Python and useful features such as real-time collaboration. It is highly customizable to support your classroom the way you like to teach.


2. Why is Visual Studio Code the best?

Answer: Visual Studio Code combines the simplicity of a source code editor with powerful developer tooling, like IntelliSense code completion and debugging.

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