Used Ford Ranger Is Worth Buying?

Wapcar Automotive News – In today’s world of expensive pickups, it means buying used is something more and more buyers consider. A popular truck model is the Ford Ranger, which has long been Ford’s midsize pickup. 

However, with generations and years of models, how do you know if a used Ford Ranger for sale is really worth buying? Like almost all vehicles, there have been great successes and great losses to this model.

A brief history of the Ford Ranger 

The Ford Ranger was produced in 1982. A variety of configurations are available, including a six-cylinder engine, part-time four-wheel drive and various trim levels. It was smaller than the F-series trucks of the day, but still provided legal capability. Ideal for those who want a pickup without the large dimensions.

The first generation Ranger was produced until 1993 when it was replaced by the second generation. For the second generation, Ford made a series of improvements. One of them includes the popular “Splash” trim level. This set includes a step bed that has proven popular among those interested in a compact van.

As time went by, the Ranger walked towards its third generation era 24 years ago. This version of Ford’s midsize truck is perhaps the most iconic. Production lasted until Ford discontinued the Ranger in the United States in 2011. You can get it with the legendary Vulcan V6 engine as well as a manual transmission. Additionally, Ford has introduced an off-road package called the FX4.

What is the best used Ford Ranger?

While opting for the fourth-generation Ford Ranger gets you modern features, there’s something about the 2011 Ranger that makes it worth noting. It gives the table a vintage charm that feels like something is missing on today’s trucks. It’s all about utility and practicality, helping it fulfill a variety of roles.

Taking a quick look at car models in the past, you would find the 2011 Ford Ranger was at a price tag of less than 20,000 dollars. And that makes it a pretty affordable option if you need a mid-size truck. This Ranger may not have things like Apple CarPlay, but its interior is simple and devoid of things you don’t need.

As for which 2011 Ranger you should buy, the V6 is probably the best. While it doesn’t have the best fuel economy, the 4.0-liter V6 is known to be quite reliable. You can get it with 4WD and even a manual transmission if you prefer. 

Is it worth buying a used Ranger?

Ranger 2024 will mark the latest generation of the Blue Oval midsize truck. And while it’s certainly a solid pickup, a new purchase isn’t for everyone. This is where a used Ranger comes in.

All in all, over the years, this pickup has been a good truck. If you can find a 2011 model in good condition, it’s probably a car worth considering. With all used vehicles, however, it’s best to check things like service history to make sure you’re getting a working midsize pickup.