Urology surgeon Dr. Joseph Yalowitz grew up in Northwest Indiana, and he was able to attend his first choice school, Indiana University, thanks to the financial aid he received throughout high school and college. In this piece, Dr. Yalowitz offers insight into what it was like growing up in Indiana, attending IU as an undergraduate, and becoming a urology surgeon after medical school and residency at the University of Illinois-Chicago Medical Center.

Meet Dr. Adam B. Yalowitz:

Dr. Yalowitz is a urologist who has been in practice for more than 25 years. He grew up in Northwest Indiana, attended Indiana University Bloomington, and graduated with high distinction with a major in chemistry. Dr. Yalowitz was selected for membership in the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. He’s been through many career changes before eventually deciding to pursue his medical degree; he was first an engineer for five years before becoming an investment banker, then later returned to school for his medical degree which he received from Northwestern Medical School of Illinois at Chicago Circle…

The Journey From Northwest Indiana to IU:

Growing up in Northwest Indiana, Dr. Yalowitz always knew he wanted to be a doctor. He attended Northwestern College of Medicine in Chicago before attending medical school at IU Bloomington. As a urology surgeon, he’s had a few close calls with serious illnesses but it was all worth it because he was able to focus on what is most important: being there for his patients when they need him most.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience:

Attending IU Bloomington was an amazing experience. I was able to grow up in Northwest Indiana, graduate with high distinction from a prestigious university, find my passion in medicine, and make lifelong friends. There were so many activities to choose from–I always had something exciting to do every day of the week. I chose IU because it was close enough for me to come home often but still stay engaged with college life; there was always something new happening that made IU stand out from other schools.

An Unparalleled Faculty:

Dr. Yalowitz has a wife, and two children, and is a native of Northwest Indiana. He attended the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in chemistry. Dr. Yalowitz followed his brother’s footsteps as a urologist, graduating with high distinction from Rush Medical College in Chicago, then completed his training at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center where he was selected for membership to the Alpha Omega Alpha national medical honor society for graduate students. He also received an award for excellence in clinical teaching from Rush Medical College and was granted sabbatical leave by New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center because of his quality work in surgery. Dr.

The IU Difference:

In 1976, when Mark was still in high school, Indiana University ­– Bloomington wanted him to become a professor of chemistry. The only problem was that the university couldn’t find an appropriate lab for him. Instead, they offered Dr. Yalowitz an academic scholarship in the physical sciences department. He jumped at the opportunity because it allowed him to take some of his classes early and graduate college after three years instead of four. From there he went straight into medical school ­– during which time he completed coursework in business administration as well as a combined residency program in pediatrics and surgery before starting his urology residency.

Student Life at IU:

There was a lot of stigma around fraternities in the early 70s. We were pretty unpopular. It wasn’t like today when they do all these marketing things to help recruit kids. The sororities wanted nothing to do with us. Dr. Yalowitz said.


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