Top Gaming Mouse – How to Select the Right One For You


Top Gaming Mouse - How to Select the Right One For You

So, you’ve been playing computer games for quite some time now, and you’ve picked up a lot of knowledge about the different kinds of mice there are today. From laser mice to optical mice, to all-in-one mice, you’ve learned a lot. But which one is the best gaming mouse? It’s a question that can be difficult to answer because, simply put, the best gaming mouse depends largely on personal preference. Which one you choose may very well depend on the kind of gaming you’re going to do. 

Gaming mouse works like a dream:

If you are a first-person shooter kind of player, then you’re probably best off with a Logitech Pro Mice. The best gaming mouse here is one that feels good to your hand and delivers great performance with your chosen games. Getting a mouse with a great sensor and has just the right feature set will always improve the speed of your play, the kills you land and the overall satisfaction you receive from snagging that rare high score. For these kinds of players, a Logitech Pro Pulse is ideal. With a sleek design, high sensitivity for controlling the cursor, high optical sensitivity and a bright backlighting, this gaming mouse works like a dream. 

Best gaming mouse for their needs:

FPS gamers also need to get the best Gaming Mouse for their needs. Here, lightness matters. If you’ll be moving around a lot in the game, then you’ll want a heavier mouse, with more weight on the bottom. While on a surface that is not smooth, lightness also matters, as a heavy mouse will feel unnatural to the touch and could jam up some gears. So if you’ll be moving around a lot, go for the ultra-light gaming mice; they’re not too heavy, are extremely responsive and will help minimize jams. 

Razer Megasoma:

For those with small hands, you might be looking for a smaller option, like the Razer Megasoma. This is one of the best gaming mice for those with small hands, as the button design is more ergonomic and comfortable to use. Combined with its low weight and low profile, this is an ideal gaming mouse for everyone, whether on the go or at home. Combined with its automatic programmable laser and target tracking, the Razer Megasoma can make anyone very accurate and rewarding as a player. 

Aggressive angular design and features:

As you look around, you might also find yourself wondering which mouse will fit your needs. Many prefer gaming mice with some form of wrist support. The major benefit to the wrist support is that it encourages good posture while playing. This allows for more precise targeting and less movement-impairing fatigue. One of the top contenders in this space is the Razer Naga Trinity, which sports a built-in rubber wrist support. It has an aggressive angular design and features two buttons and a scrolling wheel for easier operation.


Sensitive than laser dpi:

Hand size also matters when choosing a gaming mouse. When it comes to optical mice, optical mouse use is often more sensitive than laser dpi. To improve sensitivity for small hands, the optical mice usually have a larger optical mouse pad. There are several models of the Razer Megasoma with a 1.6 mmoser, which is larger than some competing optical mice. Combined with its low light weight and ergonomic design, this combination can make the Megasoma one of the best mice for both big and small hands. Combined with its auto adjust sensitivity and target tracking, the Megasoma is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a great experience in World of Warcraft.


Specifications max dpi:

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for the best gaming mice, it’s time to compare them. The specifications max dpi, G-spot, optical sensitivity, and comfort should all be considered when purchasing a wireless gaming mice. The best gaming mice will feature different but common features like auto detection of the DPI of the surface the mouse has been placed on, a trigger button that offer a comfortable grip, and light weight to enable extended gaming sessions. There are several wireless mice that can be used in the FPS (first person shooter) genre. The RZR XP and Razer Megasoma offer a full range of powerful features at a great price, which are easily found online.



One of the most popular genres of games these days is the MMORPG. Some of the top MMORPGs include the Lord of the Rings Online, Final Fantasy XI, Aion, and many more. To enjoy the best gaming experience in this genre, it’s important to purchase a comfortable mouse. For example, the Razer Basilisk v2 is a perfect gaming mouse because it features a smooth and durable design and great materials. At a weight of only 250g, the Razer Basilisk v2 is light enough to be carried around while also being strong enough to withstand constant use. Its auto-clicking mechanical support system allows for precise control and a comfortable mouse hand rest.


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