Top Alternatives For Healthland EMR Software


Top Alternatives For Healthland EMR Software

Healthland EHR System is a cloud-based electronic health record solution that is tailored to small and rural hospitals’ requirements. Clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, radiology, and emergency medicine are among the disciplines that will benefit from it. Healthland EMR is a web-based application that can also be implemented on-premise.


Additionally, the system enables clinicians to keep check on several clients at the same time, as well as efficiently plan treatment by transmitting and accepting clinical data between various doctors and areas. Healthland EMR has a lot of good features that you can check out by requesting the vendor for a Healthland EMR demo but the software does have quite a few flaws.


According to Healthland EMR reviews, the software is slow and does not have enough features. In this piece, we are going to talk about some of the alternatives for Healthland EMR software. We’ve taken Healthland EMR pricing, features and reviews into account before coming up this list of alternatives so keep reading if you’re interested!


Top Alternatives for Healthland EMR

1.      NextGen EHR

NextGen was founded in 1998, thanks to the initiative of health experts. They imagined a world in which practices would run more smoothly and efficiently. The program is supposed to be simple to use, ensuring that your productivity is never hindered or disrupted. A practice management system is included in the NextGen package and has been nicely incorporated into their offerings.


This enables practices to do tasks that are exclusive to them. It also comes with a claim management system and the availability of a service portal. The software is compatible with any desktop or smartphone gadget and includes a built-in touch-screen function. The software is a very close alternative for Healthland EMR.


2.      Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a well-known provider of healthcare software systems. The firm’s solutions are delivered via web-based apps that may be accessed from everywhere in the globe. The tech powerhouse is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It has been situated in San Francisco since 2005 and has quickly evolved into the renowned EHR option it is currently.


Ryan Howard, the company’s CEO, has been a forerunner in the web-based EMR market, and is recognized for developing and delivering innovative capabilities. AllScripts, a much larger corporation, took notice of the company’s performance and potential. Practice Fusion was purchased by AllScripts in 2018 and will now function under their umbrella.


3.      eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks EMR is a healthcare EHR system which has been operating for years, having been launched in 1999 and growing tremendously ever since. The firm is a well-known solution in the sector, with over 600,000 individuals using it throughout the globe. The organization made more than $300 million in sales in 2014. EClinicalWorks is a close alternative to Healthland EMR as it has all the features that Healthland EMR offers and more. 


4.      AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD EMR system is among the most prominent EMR software options available. This program is hosted on cloud servers, allowing you to view it from any location. This system was created with the goal of making procedures at a healthcare office easier and more efficient. Overall, the system is a fantastic pick, and we strongly advise you to try it out. From the AdvancedMD pricing to the AdvancedMD EMR functionality, everything about the program is fantastic.


If you want to know more about any of the mentioned EHR software, feel free to visit Software Finder.


Final Thoughts!

Healthland EMR is a good EHR software with nice but limited features. According to Healthland EMR reviews, Healthland EMR pricing is a little too much for the features offered which is why users are usually looking for alternatives. If you, too, are looking for healthland EMR alternatives, we would recommend you to check out the software that we have mentioned above.


The software we have mentioned have a wide range of features that can cater to different medical specialties as well the starting prices are also very reasonable. If you can’t decide between the software mentioned above, we would suggest scheduling a demo for all of them and then understand them better in order to figure out which software would suit your practice the most. 


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