If you’re looking for a new workstation, it’s time to look at the latest models. This list includes the HP Z1 entry tower, the HP Z2 G4 mini workstation, the iMac pro-i7 4K, and the HP Z4 G4 workstation. Regardless of the work you need to perform, a workstation is available to meet your needs.

HP Z1 entry tower PC

The HP Z1 entry tower PC is a full-featured workstation that can run the leading 3D CAD/CAM/CAE applications. Its powerful configuration includes an Intel Xeon CPU, up to 32GB of ECC memory, high-performance storage, and a professional Nvidia Quadro GPU. It also has a top-quality 27-inch display, similar to an iMac. The HP Z1’s design is clean and sleek, and the machine looks and feels like a premium workstation.

While the HP Z1 entry tower PC is one of HP’s most powerful workstations, it also has some flaws. Its limited storage space and CPU cores might be a drawback for some users. CAD data is not shrinking, so users must trade between storage capacity and performance. Furthermore, it doesn’t have an eight-core chip, which is crucial for rendering. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the HP Z1 entry tower PC isn’t a solid buy and has many good features.

HP has plenty of options if you’re looking for an entry-level workstation. The HP Z1 entry-level tower PC is the least expensive option, yet it’s one of the most powerful workstations on the market. It includes powerful components and high-end security. The HP Z1 tower G9 entry-level workstation is expected to be available in select markets in March.

HP Z2 G4 mini workstation PC

The HP Z2 G4 mini workstation is a high-performance, small form-factor PC with a six-core CPU. It packs 50 percent more processing power than its predecessor while still fitting within its small frame. HP bills the SFF as its “most expandable commercial SFF PC,” It has four PCIe slots, dual M.2 storage slots, and Thunderbolt and DisplayPort. The PC’s flexible I/O options are well-suited for product developers, OEM power users, and AEC professionals.

The HP Z2 Mini G4 is optimized to run CAD software, and it comes with certifications for over 20 apps. That’s important because workstations differ from ordinary PCs. In addition, it supports error-correcting-code memory, a requirement for many laboratory analysis and financial modeling applications.

The HP Z2 G4 mini workstation PC has a powerful Xeon processor and ISV certifications. Its compact design makes it an attractive choice for professionals working on 3D design projects. As a mini desktop, it’s also incredibly affordable, especially compared to the Dell Precision 5720 or Apple iMac Pro. It also includes a mid-range monitor for a modest price.

imac pro-i7 4k

The iMac Pro i7 4k is an excellent desktop computer that combines cutting-edge technology with an elegant design. Its 21.5-inch Retina HD display, octa-core processor, and SSD storage provide real computing power anytime, anywhere. In addition to its powerful processor also has four USB 3 ports, a Thunderbolt 2 port, and an SDXC card slot.

It costs $4,999 for the base model and $5,499 for the eight-core model. You can also upgrade to a higher-end model with more memory and a better graphics card. The base model has a 21.5-inch display, while the more powerful models come with a 27-inch screen and a 1.6-GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor.

It is the perfect companion for other Apple products. It allows you to answer emails on the go, start presentations, and share entire photo albums. You can even use the Apple Watch to unlock your Mac or share photos. The Apple Watch has a camera that lets you take pictures and videos. If you’re a photographer or a video editor, the iMac Pro is the perfect workstation for you.

HP Z4 G4 workstation PC

The HP Z4 G4 workstation PC offers performance for designers and creative professionals who require real-time performance for graphics-intensive work. The HP Z4 delivers smooth and responsive performance for VFX, design visualization, and 3D CAD applications with a high-frequency processor and multi-core count.

It supports two processor families, Intel Xeon “W” and Intel Core X, to meet the demands of industry and game development. It has sixteen expansion PCI slots, which allow you to add additional storage drives and graphics cards. If you are looking for a high-end workstation with advanced graphics capabilities and VR compatibility, the HP Z4 G4 is a great choice.

This workstation PC has advanced security features, including HP Client Security Suite Gen32 and HP Sure Start Gen310. Other important features of this computer include a self-healing BIOS, HP collaboration technology, and connectivity. These features make it easy to keep your data safe without compromising productivity. The HP Z4’s Xeon(r) E processor delivers professional-class performance. The HP Z4 G4 also has a 512GB SSD for fast storage.

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