Top 4 Airbnb alternatives | Save Money for Your Next Vacation

Are you searching for vacation rental booking websites like Airbnb? This is a guide to the top online apartment booking websites that include a list of over 25 websites that allow you to search for and book apartments and vacation rentals online.

Top 4 Airbnb alternatives | Save Money for Your Next Vacation

Finding an excellent place to stay is important to have a positive travel experience, and if you’re looking for an alternative to hotels, a house, renting an apartment, or a private room can be an excellent option. Staying in an apartment rather than a hotel can be an excellent way of saving money, gaining more independence, and engaging with the locals.

The majority of these rental booking websites also enable you to list your own apartment, allowing you to earn money while traveling or rent out your spare bedroom or second home. While Airbnb is the most well-known vacation rental website, there are numerous Airbnb alternatives, many of which have been around for much longer.

We’ll cover over 20 apartment booking sites similar to Airbnb and how to use them effectively, ensuring that you’ll always be able to find the right place for your next trip.

Similar Websites to Airbnb for Apartment Bookings

Apartments give you the freedom to prepare your own meals, to come and go as you please, and to do washing while traveling.

Today, booking a home or vacation rental online is simple from anywhere in the globe, and apartments can offer a number of advantages over hotel accommodation for certain people. Whether you’re tired of Airbnb, searching for alternative sites to compare the prices, seeking an actively run property, or searching to book houses in a location where Airbnb has few listings, this list of Airbnb alternatives should help you discover some fantastic home booking websites.

This category contains both peer-to-peer properties (including those listed on Airbnb) and actively run vacation rental apartments.

Many of these online bookings also allow property owners to list their extra rooms, vacant apartments, or second homes online, which is why we’ve included information for property owners as well.

Here we go, and please note that this list is in no specific order.

4  Best Airbnb alternatives To Save Money For Your Next Vacation 

1. Vrbo

Vacation Rentals By Owner, or Vrbo, was among the first platforms to engage homeowners with visitors, having launched in 1995! This is also the first rental company that I (Jess) used to book a week’s stay in France.

The Expedia Group currently owns and operates Vrbo. They officially rebranded as Vrbo (ver-boy) from VRBO in the year 2019. Vrbo has added apartments from HomeAway, Stayz, Abritel, and other Expedia-owned vacation rental companies, consolidating their rental properties into one website and significantly expanding the number of listings. Vrbo is widely known to be one of the Airbnb competitors out there, you can give it a try.

2. Agoda Homes

If you’re planning a trip to Asia and you are searching for homes or vacation rentals, we suggest Agoda Homes. Because these Airbnb alternatives are best known for their hotel booking service, it also provides homes, summer homes, hostels, and private bedrooms in private homes.

Agoda serves over 700,000 homes and other rental properties in more than 50 countries, the majority of which are in Asia. If you are tired of searching the web for Airbnb alternatives, you can take a look at this platform for your rental websites.

3. PlumGuide

PlumGuide is a new company based in London that started in the year 2016. It presently has over 10,000 homes and holiday rental properties listed on its website, with the majority of them placed in major global cities such as Los Angeles, Rome, London, and Paris. However, it has expanded to also include homes in smaller rural areas.

PlumGuide is different compared to Airbnb in that it is a peer-to-peer rental home marketplace; nevertheless, the corporation is far more selective with regard to the assets it lists. They send a representative to meet homeowners and examine each property against a checklist to determine whether it is a good fit.

The business aims to include only the most popular and highly rated properties and caters to a more discriminating traveler who does not wish to sift through with a large number of listings in order to find the right place.


We’re assuming you’ve booked a hotel stay with at some point. And, with numerous great deals and numerous assets providing, no-fee last-minute cancellation policies, we adore it as well.

What you may not know is that in contrast to hotels, the site allows you to book vacation rental properties worldwide, including homes and villas. And with approximately 6 million properties under management, there is no shortage of options. is another site like Airbnb that offers homes and vacation rentals from over 200 countries around the world. They own a substantial portfolio of residential properties throughout Europe (particularly in the United Kingdom and France), North America, Australia, Asia, South Africa, and Africa.

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