Top 3 Tool For Compress PDF Size Online

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The storage size on mobile devices keeps on getting bigger. It is even larger than most laptops that are currently available in the market. Though these devices become more ‘techy,’ the more expensive they get. This is the reason why some users do their best to save on-device storage.

Files in PDF format could be take up a lot of space in any device’s memory. Especially when they are mostly books or electronic documents that have high-resolution images. The good thing is, there are plenty of tools online that can compress pdf. For first-timers and wondering how to do it, here are the top 3 tools that can help you with this task.


This pdf tools website has been continuously receiving good feedback from its users. Aside from being able to compress pdf size online, it has plenty of basic and advanced tools available. Just by visiting the home page of, users will know that it is a helpful tool for those who love using the pdf format. To start compressing a pdf file, click on the ‘Compress PDF’ option. Upload the file you would like to compress by drag-and-drop to the dedicated box or choosing from the file directory. Once done, you will be given an option to choose for the image quality, resolution, and speed options. You can download the processed file after clicking the red ‘Compress PDF’ button.

2. IlovePDF

IlovePDF is a popular pdf tools website that could be familiar to many users, due to its heart icon on the logo. It also does a great task of compressing pdf, but free access has limitations and restrictions. The process of doing this on the website is almost similar to Start by uploading the file through drag-and-drop, from the file directory, or through cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Once uploaded, choose a compression level and click on the red ‘Compress PDF’ button. Download the compressed file and you’re done!

3. PDF Converter

PDF Converter is also one of the popular tools for this task, as it has an Online PDF Compressor function on its website. With a similar process from the two websites, it has an option to upload files from a URL instead of standard uploading. There are only two options for compression, which are Extreme Compression (up to 70% reduction in file size) or Good compression (up to 50% reduction in file size). Custom options are also available but for paid subscribers only. Don’t get lost, the PDF Converter website will not come up on the search results when you just type it. The PDF Converter website can be accessed by entering

These are the top 3 tools that will help you compress pdf size online, with an option to do it for free! Just make sure to always keep an original copy as these changes are irreversible and will affect the visual quality of the content. Hope this will be very helpful on your next pdf project!

processed file once done. Take note that there are limitations to the service as the maximum file size is 100 MB and all multiple files uploaded should only have a total of 150 MB.

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