Top 3 Tips to Design Attractive Custom Flags

Top 3 Tips to Design Attractive Custom Flags

As a business owner, advertising and promoting your business and offerings should be your priority. Even though digital marketing campaigns are dominating the world, business owners assume that digital marketing is more than enough to promote their offerings. However, these campaigns are expensive and can put a toll on the marketing budget. Apart from that, they come with an expiration date.

Traditional marketing methods aren’t obsolete and they can bring great exposure to your brand. For instance, eye-catching custom flags are one of the most crucial aspects of a traditional promotion campaign. If you want to showcase the professionalism of your business, make sure you use high-quality custom flags. One single mistake at the custom flags can affect the reputation of your business.

Some entrepreneurs are talented enough to design the best custom flags. However, others fail miserably due to some common mistakes. Custom flags will not only help your business to stand apart from your competitors but also attract potential customers. Here are the top 3 custom flag designing tips you should know.

Pick the Perfect Size

This is one of the most common designing tips. The custom flag’s size should complete the event’s size. Many business owners think that ordering large flags for smaller trade shows or events can increase the promotional factor of their business. However, it will only look odd and people will think twice before approaching your business.

The same is also applicable for smaller custom flags. If you’re promoting your business at larger events and showcase smaller custom flags, it won’t help you stand apart from your competitors. Smaller custom flags will get lost in the crowd and people won’t know about the existence of your business. Therefore, make sure you choose custom flags of relevant size and can be seen and read from a distance. Additionally, consider the location of the flags as obstacles will interfere with the legibility of the flags.

Use Relevant Texts

Text and font are other important designing factors you need to remember while designing custom flags for your company. While incorporating brand slogan or promotional text in the custom flags, make sure you align them perfectly at a specific position. As per Socialmediatoday, slogans are an important part of branding. Many business owners make mistakes while incorporating texts in their custom flags. They use the texts at the center that ultimately makes the flag crowded.

You might think including all the business information in the custom flags is a great idea, but this will overwhelm your audiences. Therefore, add only the essential and relevant information that can be interpreted easily. This way your audiences won’t face any problem reading the message on the custom flags. Don’t forget to leave negative spaces.

Use Legible Fonts

No matter how attractive color or relevant size you choose, if you don’t consider the fonts of the custom flags, you will make mistakes during the designing process. The primary goal of using custom flags is to attract the attention of people to the message on the custom flags. If you don’t use legible fonts, your marketing efforts with custom flags will go in vain.

Consider using classic fonts as they have higher readability than most modern and fancy fonts. Make sure you avoid combining different types of fonts in your custom flags.


These are the top 3 custom flag designing tips you should remember. Make sure you use attractive colors and supportive background in your custom flags. Additionally, focus on simplicity while designing the flags.

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