Things You Need To Know Before Wearing a Panna Stone

Things You Need To Know Before Wearing a Panna Stone post thumbnail image

Panna or Emerald is a precious penis of the Beryl mineral group. It is amongst the most beautiful natural green stones out there. Not just in terms of beauty, Panna holds high acclamation owing to its amazing healing powers. Astrologically, it is associated with the planet M5“ercury, which is known for bestowing its native with immense intelligence and improved communication skills. Due to its alignment with this auspicious planet, Panna, aka Emerald gemstone, is ranked as an auspicious member of the nine Navratna gemstones

                         A Panna stone is a cabochon-cut gemstone that comes in different colors; prices vary on each color. Most of the time, jade is the highest prized Panna stone because it is green and has the most varied range of tints. Second to jade would be diamond Panna stone (white). Furthermore, there is a wide range of Panna stones today that come in a large variety of colors. So before you buy gemstones online, know these things about Panna Stone to understand it better. 

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How to wear a Panna stone?


Gold is best recommended to be paired with emeralds. Though, alternatively, you can also go for silver, white gold, Platinum, or Panchdhaatu as per your personal choice, budget, and preference. 

Carat Weight

Pick an emerald of a minimum of 1/12th of your body weight for the desired astrological benefits. For example, if you are weighing 60 kgs, you should opt to wear a 5-Carat of Panna gemstone.


Astrologers usually prescribe a bright green-colored natural Emerald stone, which is free from all sorts of heat treatments. Lighter shades of natural Emerald can also be worn.

To Be Worn In 

Opt to wear a Panna stone ring, on the little finger of the right or working hand. However, you can also wear it in any other form of jewelry for instance pendants, earrings, or bracelets, providing that the stone is having a direct touch with the skin of your body. 

Day & Time

Wednesday mornings are regarded as the best time for wearing this beautiful green stone. Consider wearing it after sunrise. 

Purification and Energization Process 

For purification, first place the stone in a bowl filled with purifying agents like holy Ganga Jal, honey, tulsi leaves, and raw cow milk. Now let the Panna stone be sited in this composition for approx. half an hour. After the stipulated time period of 30 minutes, take the stone out of the solution and wash it off with clean plain water. Now for the energization, place it onto a clean green cloth and worship lord Budha. 

Mantra & Chanting Times

Chant the auspicious Budh Mantra ‘Om Budhaye Namha’, ॐ बुधाय नमः| for 108 times while wearing the stone. 

Other key points to be taken into consideration:- 

  • Panna stones are mainly worn in pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets. The stone is delicate, so it should be handled with care when wearing or cleaning them.
  • If you plan to wear a Panna stone as a charm on your bracelet, make sure that the chain is not too tight because it can break easily. It is best to wear a Panna stone on a bracelet that has an extension.
  • A natural Panna stone should be cleaned using soapy water and a rough cloth. Rinsing them under running tap water will do the trick too.

Since Panna is an astrological gemstone, it should be worn only after consulting an experienced astrologer so that it delivers the best of its benefits. You can also study the entire benefits of wearing this gorgeous green stone in Amazing Benefits of Wearing Panna Stone.

Why Should You Wear a Panna Stone?

  • Real Panna stones are known for their ‘shungite’ properties – this stone helps attract money, wealth, and abundance. It also helps by giving you good luck in areas where you want to succeed.
  • Panna stones are natural healers. It is also said that shungite has the power to absorb negative energy from your ambiance, so it acts as a protector against bad vibes. 
  • Emerald is a natural antidepressant because it makes you feel good about yourself. Natural emerald stones are worn to boost your confidence and make you look great in front of others. 
  • Besides effectively healing health injuries, it resolves stress-related problems. It can also help you sleep better at night, relax your mind and body, relieve stress and fatigue. In addition, they provide you with a shield against nightmares and bad vibes. 
  • Finally, it cleanses negative energies from your relationship. Thus, a certified Panna Stone can also help you improve your relationships by calming down your ego and the other person when there is a situation of disagreement. 

Common misconceptions about the use of Panna stones 

  • Some people think that Original Panna stones are only effective when worn during the night; this is not true because they can be worn during any time of the day. 
  • Another misconception about wearing a Panna stone is that you need to take wet baths with salt or lemon juice while wearing it. This practice is not advisable as it may damage your skin.
  • Panna stones are sometimes said to have a negative effect on children or newly born babies; this is not true as well. Everyone can wear it, but it is only advisable for people to take off their Panna stone or jewelry when they go to the beach since sand and water can damage the stone. 


To conclude, Natural Panna stones are gems that can be worn to boost your confidence and make you look great in front of others. It is also a natural healer that absorbs negative energy, which is very effective in healing injuries and stress-related problems. 

          Wearing an authentic Panna stone can help you improve your relationships by calming down both you and the other person. Finally, it is a natural antidepressant because it heals you from the inside and makes you feel good about yourself.

Buy Certified Panna Online 

No matter what stone you are looking for, be it Manik or Panna, make sure you are only buying a real one because every astrological gemstone delivers its maximum advantages when worn in its natural and purest form. Thus, astrologers highly recommend wearing natural gemstones. Today the market is flooded with endless sellers but not everyone is selling genuine gemstones. There are various deceit sellers who provide synthetic and heat-treated gemstones in lieu of original ones.  

               Now if you are also planning to purchase this miraculous green stone, primarily for astrological purposes, try to only buy an authentic Panna gemstone, from a reliable gemstone store. Whether you are buying it from an offline store of your local market or from an online website from the digital platform, always ask for an authenticity certificate from the seller. So that it ensures the originality of the stone in which you are investing your hard-earned money. 

For the widest range of real emerald stones online, you can also opt to explore Navratan, the online gem Bazar. It is a leading gemstone store that only deals in real colored gemstones and provides its products to the ultimate customers via the online platform. Here you will get a certificate of authenticity from the world’s renowned and reliable gemstone testing laboratories that operate independently such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin alongside every stone you pick to buy. Such certifications not only assist you to maintain the credibility of the stone but also to avail all the astrological advantages out of it.                        

Besides an insured shipping facility all around the world, with Navratan you get an easy return option on all your gemstone purchases. Visit the website to see the largest assortment of Certified Emerald Gemstones Online at the most reasonable price segment. Have a happy and safe purchase.

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