Things To Look for In a Quality House Paint Job


Things To Look for In a Quality House Paint Job

Things to Look for In a Quality House Paint Job

The purpose of house paints is to provide both protection and decoration to the surfaces of your walls. A fresh paint job gives a pleasant and inviting look to your house. It gives a sense of freshness; newness and completion. Therefore, the choice of quality house paint and paint job on your house walls are very crucial tasks. The aesthetics of your home not only relies on the house paint but also the quality of the painting task done. A costly paint of good quality can give disappointing outcomes due to improper application.

Sometimes, painting contractors are in a rush, or paint jobs performed by inexperienced laborers can destroy the aesthetics of your home. Thus, it is essential to check the paint job quality to attain value for money. Also, it is important to intensify the life expectancy and look of your entire house. Here we have given a few tips to check for a quality paint job.

Joints And Edges

One of the smartest ways to judge a quality paint task is the straightness of the lines at edges and joints. For instance, you need to look at:

● Where does the ceiling meet the wall?

● Is the line straight and clean?

● Is it sloppy and wavy?

● How about the corners where two colors join?

● Are the lines distinct and sharp?

● Check the door trim, baseboards, and window frames.

In all of these spots, quality painting means straight edges and clean lines.

Even Coverage

The shade of the paint should be smooth and consistent everywhere. You must not be able to notice the prior color revealing through. It takes around three layers of paint in some spots to fulfill this goal. Besides, it is the prime obligation of a professional painter to do it right.

You must check the smoothness to make sure you are satisfied with the level of the paint coverage. Also, you need to examine the paint task under bright light. Daylight is generally the best. Though you can also go for luminous artificial lighting, it is also helpful. Remember, it would be best if you evaluate the paint task in both lights before paying the contractor.

Good Protection from Paint

No matter if it is the interior of the house or the exterior, proper protection is needed during the task. In many cases, a painting team does not work with an unoccupied house. If you are painting the outside of your house. Safeguarding landscape and shrubbery plantings from paint are extremely important. The spills of paint look awful on the bushes. Also, it can damage your plants.

Landscaping is a significant element of curb appeal. Therefore, no one wants to spend money on it again after doing the house painting. Additionally, if the painting crew is going to paint the interior of your home. You need to ensure that your floors and furniture do not end up covered with paint. Also, no one wants spills on doorknobs and light fixtures. You only want the paint to be at the place where it belongs and nowhere else.

Knob, Faceplates, And Fixtures

The paint job quality always shows up around any faceplates, knobs, or fixtures. There should not be any splatters or drips of paint on them. At the same time, the paint must come off right up to the ends. Consequently, the color at the base does not show through.

Moreover, while checking the quality of the paint job, look if the paint comes smoothly to the end. If it comes evenly and smoothly, it indicates the contractor has done a superior paint job.

No Paint Bleeding

You need to make sure there is no bleeding of paint from the lower layer to the upper layer. Bleeding generally results in discoloration and yellowish or reddish spots on the surface of the paint. If you want to prevent the paint from bleeding, the wall should be adequately primed. Also, the dark color must not be coated with a light paint color. It is one of the most prominent signs of the superior quality paint task.


A fresh coating of paint can modify the look of your house. Therefore, investing in professional expert painting services is a smart step to enhance the quality of house painting. A homeowner must inspect the quality of painting tasks carefully both in artificial light as well as in daylight. It is important to get the idea of aesthetics in both sorts of lighting.

The above-mentioned tips are to ensure a good quality house painting. These tips will enable you to inspect the job of the painting crew before making the payment. Also, it is crucial to oversee the work during the project. The prime reason for this is the whole quality of paint and its life expectancy will rely on the procedure.

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