Things To Be Considered Before Applying For A Skilled Independent Visa 189

If you’re an international worker who possesses the most in-demand skills the Australian economy requires, then applying for a Skilled Independent visa 189 should be your next step. It will be your gateway to permanent residency in Australia. With the 189 skilled visas, you’ll get the opportunity to work as well as get PR in this amazing country.

When you’re an overseas worker with the highest in-demand talents in the Australian economy, the next step should be to apply for a Skilled Independent visa 189. It will be the first step in obtaining permanent residency in Australia. With the 189 skilled visas, you’ll be able to work while still obtaining permanent residency in this wonderful country.

189 Visa Australia: What Is It?

Skilled independent visa subclass 189 Australia is an invite-only permanent Skilled Independent visa 189 to work and live in Australia. This 189 visa Australia is allotted to skilled workers who are sponsored by their employer or the state. With access to this visa, you’ll be permitted to do the following:

  • Work as well as study in Australia
  • Apply for the Australian Medicare facility
  • Enrol to get Australian citizenship
  • Permanent stay in Australia
  • Sponsor relative for other 189 visa australia applications
  • A five-year window to travel to and out from Australia

When it comes to family, this e-only permanent application allows you to add these family members and dependents:

  • You or your partner’s dependent child
  • A partner or spouse
  • You or your partner’s dependent relative

Independent Skilled Visa Subclass 189: How It Works?

Whether you’re in or outside Australia, you can always choose to apply for the skilled visa subclass 189 with a two-step process. In the first step, you’ll have to submit an EOI or Expression of Interest via a Skill-Select option. If that works out for you, an invitation will be sent to your email to apply for this 189 visa Australia.

This 189 skilled visa program is made by incorporating occupation ceilings. For instance, the 2020-21 visa program needs around 1000 child care center managers, 7145 construction workers, and 1000 music professionals altogether. The program structure assures that plenty of occupations get the scope and prospect for consideration.

Skilled Independent Visa 189: The Points Tested Stream

Your EOI is assessed and scored in the points-tested stream. Your EOI must broadly captivate your personal details, including your occupation, qualifications, and skills. With the submission of these details, the Skill-Select will evaluate and rank you in points compared to other competing migrants.

Things To Consider For Skilled Visa Subclass 189: Points Tested Stream:

  • You, as an applicant, must be below 45 years of age.
  • Your occupation and profession must be applicable and registered on the 189-occupation list.
  • As an applicant, you must exhibit that you have the proper skills assessment for your occupation.
  • After submitting an EOI, you must get an invite to apply for this 189 visa australia.
  • Your visa subclass 189 application must reveal whether you are experiencing any medical condition that needs consistent support from the community or government.
  • Also, your application must dictate the fact that whether you were diagnosed with some highly contagious disease like TB or not.
  • You must achieve the desired score in the points test.

Skilled Visa Subclass 189: New Zealand Stream

Under this category of the skilled visa subclass 189, the points-testing program won’t be necessary for applicants with New Zealand citizenship. In the New Zealand Stream, the eligibility requirement varies a bit from the points-tested stream. The eligibility for New Zealand Stream are:

  • As an applicant from New Zealand, you’ll have to exhibit your commitment as well as show your significant contribution to Australia.
  • The visa subclass 189 applicant must have lived for the past five years in Australia.
  • You must have started to live in Australia before February 2017.
  • The taxable income requirement is a crucial criterion that applicants need to fulfil.
  • The applicant must meet the character requirements.
  • As an applicant, you’ll have to reveal whether you have any existing medical condition that needs constant medical support from the community or the government.
  • Also, your application should state whether you have undergone a diagnosis for TB or any other highly contagious disease or not.

Due to the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement (TTTA) between these countries, it has become easier to move from New Zealand to Australia with minimal eligibility requirements for the New Zealand stream of skilled visa subclass 189.

Point Testing: How It Works?

The Skill-Select reward points to the applicants on the basis of some EOI-related aspects. If you get a higher ranking than what’s average, and if there’s the availability of slots in your occupation niche, you may get invited to apply for this visa subclass 189. Currently, the passing mark is 65 points. Factors such as age, qualification, English language proficiency, and work experience are considered for this scoring and ranking process.

Skills Assessment and Occupation Relevancy

Before submitting the EOI, as a skilled worker, you must ensure whether your occupation falls under the listed skilled 189 occupations or not. Moreover, to prove your expertise, you may need to have a skills assessment. This evaluation is done by an authorized skill assessment organization. In the eligibility list, the occupations will comprise the names of their different skills assessing authority against them. The Skill-Select only accepts approvals made by these relevant skills assessing authorities. As an applicant, you must contact the appropriate authority while getting the assessment required prior to submitting EOI.

EOI Validity

Your EOI will remain valid for up to two years after submitting it. You may get an invitation to apply for the 189 skilled visa in no time. You can always choose to update your website information before getting the invitation to apply. It may boost the chances to get an invitation to apply. Once invited, you won’t be abler to alter your score anymore.

Requirement for English Language Proficiency

Almost every migration agent in Adelaide suggests applicants have competent English language proficiency. It can be achieved when you fulfill these criteria:

  • Your minimum IELTS test score should be 6. You should have this score for each test component, including speaking, writing, reading, and listening.
  • You must get a ‘B’ in your OET test score for each test component, including speaking, writing, listening, and reading.
  • These are the following minimum scores you need in a TOEFL iBT test: 13 for reading, 12 for listening, 18 for speaking, anf 21 for writing.
  • You must score a minimum of 50 in each of the four components of the PTE Academic test: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

These are the minimum English language requirements that need to be fulfilled by every primary 189 skilled visa applicant.

Skilled Visa Subclass 189: Invitation and Application

After getting the invitation, you’ll only have the next 60 calendar days for applying for this visa. If you apply for this visa 189 while living in Australia, you will get access to a bridging visa for temporary use while you wait for the processing and verdict.

Applications are evaluated on the basis of the eligibility criteria listed before. Also, the assessment or evaluation for visa 189 primarily depends on the points scored in the EOI. If you score higher points than the minimum required one, your chances to get the visa grant increase.

Skilled Visa Subclass 189: Processing

At times, this visa application involves priority processing. Among all other factors, the Australian Immigration Department may consider the visa 189 applications based on when they were submitted. You must note that the skilled visa subclass 189 program is a permanent visa, which has an indefinite validity.

Final Words

So, get in contact with the best Adelaide Migration Agent to get started with your skilled immigration visa subclass 189 to work, live, and enjoy a smooth-sailing life in Australia.

Stuti Mohapatra
Stuti Mohapatra

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