The Ultimate Marketing Kit For Your Social Media

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Canva lets users create social media images, posters, presentations, and other visual content. With a simple drag-and-drop user interface, and a huge selection of design and template components, anybody can use an idea and turn it into something stunning. Click here
Pricing starts at $9.95/month, payable annually (a free plan is available)


Lucidpress offers a visual and brand templating system that allows employees who are not designers to design and publish marketing collateral completely by themselves (without being off-brand). In addition, the templates can be locked to ensure your brand’s protection while allowing employees to make minor adjustments to the design and customize it to ease the load off your team’s creatives.
Pricing: Starts at just $10/user/month (a free plan is available)
The best task management tools


Paymo is a time management tool that connects teams to schedule tasks, manage workloads, record the hours worked, and invoice clients through a single platform. Maintain your team’s alignment and motivation.
Pricing: Starts at $8.95/user/month


Todoist is a list of tasks app that helps everyone get organized, regardless of the location or device they’re using. From planning big-scale projects to just paying the rental, Todoist is incredibly beneficial.
Pricing: Starting at just $3/month, and will be billed each year (a free plan is available)


Asana assists teams in coordinating their tasks, from their daily tasks to strategic plans. With Asana, couples feel more focused, quicker, and achieve more in less time regardless of where they are. In addition, teams achieve amazing things when everyone is clear and confident to perform their job.
Pricing starts at EUR10.99/user/month per year (a free plan is available)


Description: Trello helps teams work more effectively and get more accomplished. Trello’s lists, boards, and cards allow teams to plan and prioritize their projects in a flexible and fun method. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work, an aside project, or your next trip with the family. Trello helps you stay organized.
Pricing starts at $9.99/user/month and is billed annually (a free plan is available)


The notion is the one-stop workspace that can be used for notes and document management, project management, and collaboration. Teams of tens of thousands and organizations worldwide utilize It to maintain their staff connected and all in one location.
Pricing starts at $4/month and is billed annually (a free plan is available)

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The best analytics tools


Socialinsider is a Social Media benchmarking, analytics, report tool. It is compatible with all major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and TikTok. Through Socialinsider, you can impress your customers by providing them with data they’ve never heard of before by comparing your results with those of their competition.
Pricing: Starting at $83/month, and then is charged annually


Brand24 is a straightforward but trustworthy social media monitoring service. Brand24 lets users be informed about what’s posted about their company on the internet, gain insights from customers and engage with communities, find sales leads, boost customer service on social media, connect with the most influential individuals, and track their competitors.
Pricing: Starting at $49/month and is billed annually (a free plan is available)


Awario is an online and social media monitoring tool that can help you monitor brand mentions, track competitors, identify the best sales opportunities and influencers and connect with your customers on the web.
Pricing starts at $24/month, billed annually


Life is focused on data. The social media management application lets you organize and analyze all your company information in one place. Every data point from social media to SEO and finance will have meaning when you use Cyfe.
Pricing begins at $26.06/month per year (a free plan is available)

Social Blade

In addition, social Blade gives all users access to their database, which, by utilizing modern technology, can provide global statistics for any live streamer, creator of content, or brand.
Pricing starts at $3.34/month per year.
Social media activation ideas
Let’s look at some innovative social media concepts to boost participation and help new customers become awed by your company.

Instagram question: What do you feel grateful for?

From hope to fear to anger to faith, The human race is on a rollercoaster of emotions every day. What if they slowed down for a second and viewed the positive side of the year?
Make use of your Instagram inquiry to find out from your users what they’re grateful to be thankful for in the current year. They can then share their responses in stories. With the help of adorable Instagram Story templates, you’ll be able to bring your followers into the spotlight.
P.S. Do not forget to say that you’re grateful to your wonderful audience. They’re truly amazing.
Unappropriate words and phrases were used at Thanksgiving.
Everyone has that uncle. Or that cousin. Sometimes, we are the ones who place the puck in our mouths. So, why not just laugh about it?
Have your neighbors tell their stories. What are the most inappropriate things that have been discussed at Thanksgiving dinner? We’re sure that you’ll see several patterns in this article. This campaign is applicable to virtually every social network your company is using.
Some stories aren’t appropriate for social media. Therefore, whenever you attempt this kind of activation, ensure you have a way to stop the content.

The best recipe secret

Contrary to Coca-Cola, the mothers and grandmothers are always willing to share their recipes, hoping that someone will further follow this tradition.
This is a great idea for activation. You can ask your followers to share their family’s recipes tips with you. If you could reveal a secret you have, it is a fantastic incentive to start a conversation.
Like always, content created by users can be shared and used in conjunction with this year’s Thanksgiving promotion. Click here

Thank you gift
Do you think about boosting sales with a beautiful Thanksgiving-themed campaign?
This year, you can provide a gift for the holiday season to any person who makes an order on your site.
It doesn’t need to be too much. A thank you note for the Thanksgiving table or a Christmas decor to celebrate the holiday season. It is very inexpensive to give a “thank you” to the people who help your business grow. Who wouldn’t be grateful for their customers? Why not display it?

Share your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Photo sharing is back. What’s more satisfying than sharing something you’ve worked on? The dinner table deserves internet appreciation. Start a campaign around the issue and invite your audience to share their tables.
Go the extra mile and make an event out of it. People share their photos with their friends, vote for them, and the top votes-received photo wins. There are a variety of contests for Thanksgiving that you could come up with. Think of something new. People will appreciate it.

Examples of social media campaigns that have been successful

We’ve also collected a list of amazing Thanksgiving ads from different brands to get some inspiration. Thanksgiving ads can be an effective opportunity to make people think of your brand the next time they go shopping, and we want to make sure that they’re memorable.
Coca-Cola. Share a Coke

Coca-Cola Thanksgiving campaign

We’ve all heard about Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. As everyone will be eating with family and friends on this day, Why not make the customized bottles to serve as drinks-friendly place cards at the table? This Coca-Cola promotion quickly turned into the focus of discussion via social networks.

Stove Top. The Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim

Stove Top Thanksgiving campaign featuring The Artisanal Hipster PilgrimOf course. Stove Top wanted stuffing to be enjoyed throughout the period between the holidays of Thanksgiving until Christmas. What company wouldn’t wish to see their product available for a longer amount of time? This is the concept for “stuffing season.” The notion that eating Thanksgiving-only StuffingStuffing is now a thing of the past and creating a hipster-themed character to protest against it is a brilliant idea. The campaign starring an Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim surely made many people smileā€¦ as well. Then eat Stove Top throughout the StuffingStuffing All year, all season. click here

HotelTonight. Visit, but don’t stay.

Hotel Tonight HotelTonight’s Thanksgiving campaign knows that we all share hilarious family Christmas stories. This is how the concept for”travel, not stay” or the “visit, don’t stay” campaign came about. The funny ads urge guests to book hotels when they return home to visit relatives during the holiday season. It’s the best option for all. The most important thing to remember? Relatable content is content that sticks in your mind.

Postmate. Friendsgiving on-demand

Postmate Thanksgiving campaign This food drink app for grocery delivery and pick-up created a highly successful “Friendsgiving on-demand” campaign. It included a list of tasty Thanksgiving recipes that mothers made. Yes, moms. Of course, all the ingredients contained in these mouth-watering recipes are available for purchase through the app. Simple yet effective marketing every brand could implement.

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