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When did you hear someone speak about the “next level” in their company? Most likely in the last 24hrs! I don’t really know what to tell the rest of you… however, I’m bored of hearing this expression every time.

While I went to Las Vegas recently with my mastermind group, we initially believed we were there to push our business up to the “next level.” In the end, isn’t that what mastermind groups are about? Growth within your business! However, I noticed something different when a colleague came in front of me to discuss… and the realization led me to the third present I received from Las Vegas.

Gift #3 3. Your only “next level” is within YOU.

Each moment someone was in front of us and began talking about the state of their work. Evidently, the only path we had to go on was the one within.

Many business owners (myself including) have fallen into the trap of thinking that business growth is something that happens externally in the form of more customers as well as more revenue, referrals, more traffic to your website or invitations to talk about, and more of what you would like to see within your business. Yes, these items are all manifestations that show expansion… however, all that will sustain the growth of an externally successful business is the development of your heart.

Growing sustainably and satisfyingly is not a result of what you do outside your business. It comes from what you do within yourself. The steady growth and progress of your company’s development are not about your company but about you. As a mindful business owner, the only thing that can stop you from achieving the success you want is your external environment.

Please forgive me for getting my point across, but I’m speaking of my personal experiences. If you’ve followed me for any time, or read my latest book, then you’re aware that I’ve been through some difficult moments in my business… near the brink of bankruptcy and having to pay my rent. It was not until I stopped trying to get my business to work (and started to INQUIRE in my mind about how I could expand so that my business could grow) )… the way it did) that my company dramatically changed in a positive direction. Therefore, focusing on my company’s exterior elements reminds me that growth will not happen “out there.” The growth will happen inside me. Only then, and only after that, can I see the results I want from the outside.

The next time you feel like you want to take your business’s performance to the “next stage,” “… it’s an indication that the moment is right to take your business further. What is the direction you’re supposed to take your business? What’s working? Which ones aren’t? Are you unhappy with the present condition of your company? What could “light you up?” Which old beliefs are no longer serving you? It’s this self-questioning that will lead you on the path toward sustainable, real, and rewarding success.

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