The rise of bulk SMS and its impact on the benefits of bulk texting

Bulk SMS services are definitely a profitable marketing resource for businesses. However, the small price restructuring at the operator level has caused businesses to wonder whether this will affect the benefits they derive from bulk SMS services. Although the bulk SMS service providers have no choice but to accept the price increase, they will ensure that the increase in bulk SMS does not affect the percentage of profit you receive of this marketing resource. The reasons for choosing Bulk SMS services despite the slight price increase are as follows:

Express delivery;

Messages arrive in seconds. The message arrives in less than 7 seconds on average. Yes, other marketing strategies are also fast, but not as fast as bulk SMS services.

Private platform;

You can send tons of messages to the whole list created with bulk texting services or to a specific audience depending on your needs. Whatever the outcome of mass text messages, SMS marketing services allow you to tailor message campaigns to the needs of SMS subscribers. Whatever the need, whether it’s a quick industry update or a promotional message, bulk text messaging services give you everything your subscribers and your business need.

High email open rate;

Compared to email marketing, SMS marketing has a high open rate. Almost all sent text messages are visible and read, but not e-mails. When the subscriber hears a beep indicating that the message has arrived, they are watching, unlike an email. In some cases, text messages open automatically, unlike emails. For this reason, investing in marketing mass texting services is still cheaper than email marketing, even if the number of mass textings increases slightly.

Better conversion rate;

What’s wrong with investing in a marketing environment that has a better conversion rate, even if bulk SMS volume increases slightly? While carriers are slightly increasing their service charges, bulk SMS service providers are also forced to slightly increase their SMS charges. It doesn’t make much difference though. Since these SMS have a high conversion rate compared to other marketing strategies, companies do not hesitate to invest a little more and thus make a certain profit.

No barrier;

Once sent, the messages go straight to their inbox, unlike emails which might end up in spam folders. For this reason, a small increase in mass text messages can be ignored as this marketing strategy has no such barriers.

Short and clear;

In today’s fierce competition, people don’t waste time reading long posts in the middle of their busy schedules. They want to convey concise and clear information. With bulk text services, the text reaches the information immediately without defining anything unnecessary.

Pay for potential

Do you have any idea how many cell phones are sold every day? An absolutely ridiculous sum. SMS mass marketing SMS certainly has great potential as calls and messages are an integral part of mobile phones. So, despite the huge boom in SMS, there is nothing wrong with investing your money in this marketing goldmine.

So what are you waiting for? Forget bulk texting! Contact your nearest bulk SMS service provider as soon as possible and bring your brand closer to subscribers with minimum investment and maximum performance. Learn more about apk

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