The Innovative Features, & Add-Ons of Stand Up Pouch Packaging

If you think that packaging still plays a lesser role in terms of promoting, or branding, a product, well think again. In these truly competitive times, packaging not only protects the food (or other items) within it, but it also helps retain the product’s freshness and original properties. Today, there are a lot of unique options when it comes to product packaging, and one of them includes stand up pouches Australia. Let’s look at the many innovative features and add-ons of these types of packaging.

Tear Notches

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One good reason why many leading brands and product makers are shooing away from traditional rigid packaging, and are opting for stand up pouches Australia, is that these are environment-friendly and lightweight packaging materials.

Stand up pouch packaging also fits well on shelves. In fact, they literally stand on shelves, and they’re good at catching the buyer’s attention. These packaging options are also widely accepted, popular and go-to options for makers of food, beverages, pet food, vitamins and supplements, personal care products and more.

These microwave-ready types of packaging also feature easy-open tear notches, as well as strong lock closures which help maintain the freshness of the product for a longer period of time.   

Tear notches in most stand up pouches Australia are pre-cut to coax consumers into quickly opening up, and gobbling or munching on the food inside the package.  Tear notches provide pouches with very clean straight pouch openings. One can actually use tear notches to quickly open the pouch by using just one hand. 

Appropriate, Fitting Handles

Ergonomic, appropriate and fitting handles are also usually placed, or incorporated into stand up pouches Australia not just to make the customer experience more convenient (and less messy), but also to add value and boost consumer confidence in the quality of the product.

Rounded Corners

A number of stand up pouches Australia also feature rounded corners, if only to give pouches a more finished and professional look and feel. However, the round corners also help prevent the sharp corners of the packaging from inflicting injuries like deep cuts while handling them.

Re-Sealable, Re-Closable Zippers

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Another popular feature among stand up pouches Australia includes re-sealable and re-closable zippers. Some stand up pouch packaging are produced with a plastic track with two plastic components, which effectively (and easily) interlock for quick sealing of freshness.

Thee unique features assure consumers that the packaging’s contents stay fresh and tasty for a long, long time. The zippers can also be utilised for preserving the food’s nutrients, taste and aroma.  These also help in the prevention of unpleasant odours. 

Valves and/or Vents

Some stand up pouches Australia also have some sort of pressure valve add-on features, which can be added to the pouches to vent out unwanted odours or gases from the contents.

Again, this feature helps to maintain freshness of the product. In fact, some manufacturers refer to these as “aroma” valves, as they allow the user to smell the product through the valve opening.

Vent holes can also be added to stand up pouches Australia. Like the pouch can be equipped with the appropriate perforations through customization, depending on the product barrier requirements of the customer.

Clear Windows

Well, on a personal level, I think that the best thing about stand up pouches Australia is that these types of packaging have clear windows. The transparent part of the packaging are truly useful because they show customers about the contents of the packaging, which helps boost their confidence when they decide to purchase the product. 

Why Choose Stand Up Pouch Packaging?

Now, let’s discuss the many solid reasons why you should opt for stand up pouches Australia. Choosing your product packaging criteria always begins with the identification of the reason why you need your product.

According to product development experts, stand up pouches Australia promote better brand awareness. As mentioned earlier, packaging serves or acts as a valuable branding and sales tool.

The packages which lie on most grocery shelves provide minimum visibility. On the other hand, stand up pouches Australia act like its own poster as it stands upright on the shelf. This offers enhanced visibility, and space for high-resolution graphics to attract more customers.

This type of packaging also offers a better preview of what’s inside it. The main purpose of stand up pouch packaging is to display the pouch contents, while avoiding to distort the shape of the contents inside. In addition, the mandatory information listed on the package is clearly visible from a distance too.

Stand up pouch packaging also comes in a wide array of sizes and lengths across different market segments. Like for example, some manufacturers create promo pouches to distribute as samples to prospective customers. The promo packs or pouches allow customers to experience your product without committing or forcing them to buy it.

Next, stand up pouches Australia are not only great for displaying your products, but they’re also perfect for storing and protecting products (especially food items). The gauge of the pouch plays a major role in protecting any kind of product.

Finally, stand up pouches Australia offer convenience and portability, as they occupy less space on the grocery or kitchen shelf. They can also be carried or transported from one place to another without the usual hassles or leakage problems.

And of course, stand up pouches Australia are sustainable and eco-friendly too (and they offer a lot of savings to product makers). Like all flexible packaging, a stand up pouch requires much lesser materials, and less energy, to make.

In fact, standard rigid packaging often costs 3 times more energy and materials to make per unit, as compared to stand-up pouches Australia. And when it comes to transporting and distributing these items, more units of stand-up pouches Australia fit in a single vehicle, which helps save fuel costs in the long run!