The Dos and Don’ts of Relocating in the summer

Moving during the summer can be handy for busy professionals, students, and families, but it can also be dreadful because of the sweltering heat. Fortunately, there are things you can do (and not do!) to prevent a summer move that is tiring and sweaty. To free up your time to focus on other items on your moving checklist, it is advised to hire Furniture Removalists Melbourne to assist with the heavy lifting. Click here for more info on the dos and don’ts of relocating in the summer heat for more advice on moving during the summer.

The dos and don’ts for moving during the summer Do anticipate higher costs:

It is undeniable that the summer is the most expensive season for a move. During the summer, sometimes referred to as “peak moving season,” everything from moving boxes to moving firms is in high demand. Why is that? First off, since school is out for the summer, families with school-age children are just more eager to move at this time. At the start and end of the summer, college students also move into and out of their residences. Aside from the fact that there are fewer holidays to worry about, many people think the weather is perfect for relocating. You’ll probably have to spend more to move during these months because the summer is the most popular season to do so.

Don’t forget to pack water bottles for both you and the movers:

You will almost probably have frequent bouts of thirst while moving in the summer heat. Pack plenty of water bottles with you on the trip to prevent being too hot. It’s usually a good idea to have water bottles on hand at both the old and new house, even if you’re using professional movers. Water should be provided to everyone assisting with the move, including the movers.

Do get moving early in the day:

By beginning your relocation early in the morning, you can avoid the heat. At this time of year, summertime temperatures and humidity levels are often at their lowest. Starting as soon as feasible is advised. By beginning the move early, you are more likely to beat the heat as well as the traffic. Start as early as possible, preferably before 8 a.m. We advise moving in the late afternoon or evening when temperatures are cooler if mornings are not convenient for you.

Don’t wear bulky materials and improper attire:

You shouldn’t stress about looking good on moving days. The time is also not right to feel uneasy. You must wear breathable, lightweight clothing (think cotton) and cosy, closed-toe shoes with socks if you’re going to be moving around in the summer heat. Put away the bulky clothing and stilettos. Moving frequently includes lifting hefty boxes, packing boxes, moving from one room to another, and travelling large distances. If you’re dressed in uncomfortably improper attire, you can’t accomplish any of these things properly.

Do switch on the air conditioning in your new house:

Arriving at a house that is extremely hot on moving day is the absolute last thing you want. It is advised to turn on your utilities before the transfer to prevent this scenario. The day before the relocation, make sure to turn on the air conditioning if you live close and can. Making sure your new house is cool before moving in will make the process much easier. If you’re travelling a long distance, remember to turn on the air conditioning when you get to your new house.

Don’t move over the weekend of a holiday:

Moving on a summer holiday weekend will not only cost you significantly more money but there will also be fewer movers and truck rentals available to help you with the move. Not to add, you can expect that there will be no movement on the roadways. Due to the holiday parades, you might even find yourself having to make many detours just to reach the new house.

Do keep electronics cool:

When moving and storing devices over the summer, proceed with additional caution. On a hot summer day, these objects can, unfortunately, easily overheat and become damaged. Electrical devices often do not perform well in hot environments, including computers, TVs, and gadgets like smartphones. Pack each item separately, and put it in an environment with constant air conditioning, to ensure that it remains in great condition throughout the transfer. When loading and unloading the truck at your destination, electronics should go on last. To avoid additional water damage from a summer downpour, make sure to place them in water-resistant containers and baggies.

Don’t undervalue how much preparation will take:

Do not simply load everything into a truck and drive away. It takes great consideration, planning, and preparation to move during the summer. Beginning at least a month before your move, pack your boxes and bags. Many months beforehand, interview and employ your movers. Use the move planner tool, which contains a personalised moving checklist, a list of your duties, email reminders, and discounts to assist you in developing and adhering to a moving timeline. This tool will keep you organised while you are moving.

Do carry a travel fan:

One of the most crucial things you can do during a summer relocation is to have a portable fan on hand to keep you cool, particularly if the air conditioning in your new home hasn’t been turned on. You should set up a fan at the house’s entrance or where your movers will be unloading and loading the vehicle. Fortunately, portable fans may be bought at a reasonable price at several retailers, such as Target, Walmart, and Home Depot.

When you hire experts to assist with the heavy lifting, moving in the summer heat is considerably simpler. Check the large network of trustworthy and trusted Removalists Sutherland Shire to choose the ideal moving company to manage your summer relocation. You may feel secure knowing that your move will be handled carefully because all moving firms hold valid licenses and insurance. It is advised that anyone moving alone this summer look into nearby truck rentals. Just be sure to pick the one that best suits your requirements and financial situation.