The Best Way to Make Your Skin Glow Like It’s Golden Hour

The Best Way to Make Your Skin Glow Like It’s Golden Hour post thumbnail image

The golden hour is the time around four or five in the afternoon when the lights are just perfect for clicking warm photos. This natural filter is a favorite for everyone as the sunlight is subtle and gentle, providing the skin with a glowing look. However, utilizing the golden hour for a perfect picture is never easy. The efforts to capture this look are immense. What if there was a way to make your skin perpetually shine like it is the golden hour? 

One of the ways you can achieve this is by adopting a few best practices to ensure that your skin glows naturally. We will outline a few ways to get the golden hour skin naturally: 

  • Exfoliating: Exfoliation is the key to smooth ‘golden hour’ skin. Scrubbing once a week will remove dead skin cells, clean up the pores, and keep acne problems at bay. Moreover, moisturiser would sweep in the skin smoothly on properly exfoliated skin, making it supple and shiny.
  • Brightening serums: Using a highlighter directly, without a layer, will not give you a natural look; rather it may negatively impact the natural tone and features of the face. First, use a Vitamin C brightening serum for flawless skin that glows from within. The serum will hydrate and target dark spots and dullness to give a brighter and lighter skin tone than ever before. Try Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow VITAMIN-C + Gold RADIANCE SERUM for the ‘golden hour’ glow. Packed with potent ingredients, like Kakadu plum, yuzu lemon (both powerhouses of vitamin C), and 24 Karat gold leaf extracts, it gives you a radiant glow and subtle shine. 
  • Moisturising: Hydrated skin looks more translucent and reflects light more evenly, giving the golden hour glow. This is why applying a generous amount of moisturiser is essential. Use a good-quality one with natural ingredients like milk enzymes, Saxifraga, and grape extracts. For summers, it is better to shift to a gel creme formula with SPF 25 as it is non-sticky and provides protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Face masks and face packs for glowing skin: A mask or face pack for glowing skin is a great way to achieve flawless skin. A brightening face mask can reduce the ill effects of pollution on the skin and restore and lock in the moisture. As it will give a direct boost of potent ingredients it is essential to focus on the contents and brand while choosing a face mask. Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Infused Brightening Pollution Safe Serum Mask is enriched with natural Saxifraga extract and Milk enzymes that help repair damaged and dull skin. Using it every 15 days would make your skin gleaming and picture-perfect in every season, no matter the weather. 
  • Diet monitoring: Apart from the skincare products mentioned above, eating and drinking right is vital for great skin. Eating healthy and drinking the required amount of hydrating fluids will transform the skin from dull and dry to beautiful and youthful. Make sure to include a lot of greens in your meals as they contain vitamin E, which protects the skin cells from free radical damage. Avoiding alcohol and fizzy beverages would also help. According to Dr. Rita Rakus, an internationally famous cosmetic doctor, alcohol dehydrates the skin, depriving it of moisture and nutrients. Therefore, if you want your complexion to look radiant, supple, and youthful, monitor your diet.

Our skin deserves a lot more than we provide it with. It needs proper attention and nourishment as good food and safe skincare. Use the tips and tricks mentioned above, and achieve the golden hour skin naturally.

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