The Best Unlimited Wireless Internet Plans and Deals

The Best Unlimited Wireless Internet Plans and Deals post thumbnail image

Wireless broadband provides internet connectivity to a wireless modem via 4G 5G, satellite, or 4G signals. It’s the most favored alternative to fixed-line connectivity in particular if your region isn’t NBN capable. Wireless internet for homes differs from mobile broadband in that they come with a router/modem.

Wireless broadband for home is an Internet connection that uses 3G, 4G, and 5G signaling to connect your home to the Internet. In contrast to NBN that relies on traditional wire lines. The unlimited wireless Internet provides an internet connection for your house wirelessly via the use of a router or modem. Many internet providers that offer wireless internet plans come with a 5G or 4G WiFi modem.

Here at Compare Broadband, we’ve compared and analyzed hundreds of wireless internet plans, so you don’t need to. But, if you’re searching for the best plan, then you’re at the right spot! We’re here to assist you in locating the best internet plan for your home.

Wireless Internet

What is Broadband? Broadband?

In contrast to fixed-line connections that use copper wires or fibre optics to transfer internet data to homes. Wireless broadband utilizes the same networks as mobile phones. A router or modem used to relay internet signals to devices at your home.

In that sense does wireless broadband equivalent to broadband mobile? No, and yes. While wireless broadband can function as mobile broadband. Wireless internet plans for home use are specifically created to replace your Internet at home.

Here are a few major differences between them. The first is that you will get more data when using wireless broadband at home, generally between 200GB to 500GB. This lets you connect more devices to mobile Internet and carry out more online activities.

The second reason is that wireless internet plans designed for home use are typically supplied with a router or modem. However, mobile broadband plans can come with internet dongles that let you distribute the internet connection to other devices. 

It is also possible to connect the WiFi hotspot to your smartphone. In addition, the modems come with standard security options and robust WiFi Ethernet ports that allow you to connect directly to your computer.

Limiting speed is one of the drawbacks of having a wireless home internet connection. This is to reduce the congestion of mobile cell phone networks. The cheapest wireless plans are operating at a 12Mbps download speed and one Mbps for upload speeds.

 It is the slowest speed for fixed-line connections. So while you’ll be able to stream Netflix using your connection on this one, you might not be able to perform anything else simultaneously.

HTML0The pros and cons Wireless Broadband


  • Modem plug and play setup
  • There is no need for a tech to set up, so there are no delays
  • Access the Internet, even without NBN
  • Renter friendly
  • No lock-in contracts


  • Certain services are speed-limited.
  • It is more costly than fixed-line plans.
  • It is not available for all regions since it is dependent on the mobile network signal
  • The modem requires the power source to function.

Which Internet Service Provider is the best?

Are you looking to find a reliable wireless Internet service and aren’t certain which plan to choose? We’ve got you covered. Compare Broadband experts have many years of expertise in the broadband market. 

We’ve spent countless hours studying, analyzing, and comparing the various broadband providers and their offerings to make the process of shopping for internet plans easier for customers like you.

Australia has one of the top cell phone services. 

In addition, with 5G promising faster speeds (even superior to the NBN) and lower latency problems, many are looking into wireless broadband for homes instead of a fixed-line option, similar to the NBN.

To determine the most reliable broadband internet provider in your region, You must consider three factors cost, speed, and household size. If you have a couple of household members who aren’t heavy internet users, a plan that offers 25Mbps is sufficient to meet your requirements. However, larger families with large internet users should think about fixed-line plans if they are available in your region.

Fix NBN Wireless Internet

Fixed Wireless is one of the three main offerings of the National Broadband Network (NBN) offered in areas of rurality that are far from connections. For areas where it’s prohibitively expensive to install NBN switches to radio signals to bring homes to its network. 

Like other internet providers that use wireless technology, NBN Fixed Wireless connection utilizes the same radio signals coming from an adjacent tower via satellite dishes and then transmits information to users.

NBN Fixed Wireless also requires an NBN connection box users to connect with the NBN network. This NBN connection box operates in the same manner as your router or modem that requires a reliable power source and must install by an NBN certified technician.

Suppose you’re within the NBN Fixed Wireless coverage area. In that case, NBN Co will examine the radio signal to ensure your home is receiving top-quality Fixed Wireless broadband service. If the signal strength isn’t sufficient, then we’ll help you discover other internet services that are not NBN and NBN Fixed Line plans to connect you.

How do I determine a great Wireless Internet Speed?

The fastest speed for wireless Internet will vary based on the location you are in. The speed of your network depends on the activities you conduct online and the number of devices you connect with your Internet. In addition, the nature of the internet connectivity available in your area could impact speed, along with other factors such as home equipment and congestion.

A wireless internet plan with 25Mbps speeds can be suited to smaller families with just one or two people who aren’t heavy Internet users. The speed is enough to stream or browse social media sites, upload photos, sending and check email. 

However, for households that have several devices connected at the same time, you might experience an increase in speed if at a slower speed.

Is it possible to get Unlimited Internet Internet Plans?

Yes, you can! Although the most popular wireless internet plans are limited to data, several internet service providers provide unlimited wireless Internet plans, such as Optus and Uniti Wireless.

If wireless plans with unlimited data aren’t available in your area, you might consider starting with one that provides more data with no commitment. Then, you can examine your most recent internet bill to see how much data you used and determine the amount of data you require.

Comparing Wireless Internet Plans with Compare Broadband

When comparing wireless internet plans, the most appropriate choice may not always mean the fastest, most powerful, or least expensive plan. Instead, it’s often a combination of elements that will end up giving you the best web experience.

Price is usually one of the primary factors consumers consider when looking at plans. However, price should not be the only factor you look at. Examine all the aspects that comprise an offer and look at similar plans. Do not just sign up for an organization because it’s lowest priced or the most expensive.

Take note of the caveats to special offers and discounts in your online plan. If there are any perks included, ensure you compare the offers with other promotions and the standard price. Although the offer might suggest you will pay less cost during the first couple of months, the deal could end up being more costly after the deal ends.

Need help finding the perfect wireless broadband plan? We have experts to help! Contact us at Compare Broadband and begin comparisons now.


Can I connect to an internet-connected NBN in my region?

To determine if you can access the wireless NBN in your region, confirm your area’s NBN availability. Then, you’ll be able to choose among the various plans offered by various service providers. 

Based on the NBN connectivity technology available in your region, the technician who will install it might or may not be at your location during the installation. We assure you that you will be able to connect to the Internet. If NBN isn’t yet accessible in your area, it is possible to look at alternatives for internet connectivity.

Do I require a phone line to use wireless broadband?

There’s no reason you require the phone line to use wireless broadband, such as fixed wireless Internet, mobile Wireless that includes 4G LTE, and satellite internet. 

If the home you live in is wired to landline service. You may decide not to make use of it when choosing a DSL or NBN internet connection. This is why you could already look for plans that do not offer a phone for your home. 

So you’ll get the chance to save money over the long term. However, if you require a landline, look into plans on the Internet that include a home phone so that you can enjoy the service at a reduced cost.

What is the most reliable Internet router?

If you want to connect wirelessly, the top routers are Netgear Nighthawk R6700 Google Nest WiFi AC2200 along with the Eero Pro 6 and the TP-Link Archer AC1750. 

The Nighthawk R6700 from Netgear is reliable and inexpensive, ideal for homes at least 1500 square feet. In contrast, the Google Nest WiFi AC2200 will expand your WiFi coverage within your home and the coverage of your Google intelligent home system. 

Furthermore, if you choose to purchase an Eero Pro 6. You will take advantage of the advantages of a top-quality mesh system. At the same time, the TP-Link Archer A7 AC1750 lets you enjoy fast internet connections without the need to pay additional charges.

How can I increase the speed of my wireless Internet?

To make your Internet speedier, One of the important actions you can take is to relocate your router. You could also connect an Ethernet cable or alter the band or channel of the WiFi signal. 

You also have an option to update your router or buy an extender for WiFi. In the alternative, you could consider connecting your electrical wires or even adding a password on your WiFi. In addition, you may disable any devices you don’t use to boost your internet connection speed wirelessly.

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