The 8 Top AR Software House London, UK, and USA Companies in 2021

The 8 Top AR Software House London, UK, and USA Companies in 2021 post thumbnail image

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are growing in a fast, technologically advanced world, with the software house London integrating it into business models to boost the performance and efficiency of the processes. Though AI is being implemented for ages, the introduction to augmented reality or AR is new, with new horizons to explore. However, it is growing faster than virtual reality in the retail, gaming, education, and healthcare industries while providing immersive experiences to its customers, raising the demand for such products with enhanced customer satisfaction. AI, computer vision, augmented reality, and machine learning have changed world dynamics and business modules.

Augmented reality is no more an absurd idea with many AR technological implementations seen around us rather. Companies hire agencies or software houses to build customized software or tech solution for them.  AR integration has led software developers to test their capabilities by helping businesses design, market, display, and sell their products and services to a larger audience through various devices. The current statistics show AR will dramatically grow in the coming years with a fortune of USD 3664 million by 2021, as it outdoes virtual reality. Lastly, many software companies are emerging with the increased demand for futuristic technologies to mitigate emerging problems. However, one should know what augmented reality is before moving ahead.

What is an Augmented Reality Software House London?

Augmented reality is a next-generation idea of enhancing the real world where computer-generated information allows you to overlay visual images, text, sounds, and other sensory stimuli. In short, the AR apps merge the digital visuals into the physical environment to provide immersive experiences to users. Further, it increases their satisfaction. It is one of the trendiest technologies implemented across multiple industries.  An AR custom software development company builds software for organizations depending on their requirements to achieve the business goals. The customized software or applications cater to specific jobs only. The AR apps integrate the real and digital world without the need for AR headsets. Moreover, the augmented reality software house provides or develops customized software, platforms, and technologies for businesses depending on the requirements to achieve their goals while efficiently utilizing the resources.

Now let’s see some of the AR software companies located in the USA and UK that have clients around the globe delivering unique experiences to their customers.

8 Augmented Reality Companies

1.      Scanta

Scanta, a USA company, was established in 2012 with the aim to provide next-age solutions to people worldwide using AR. Firstly, the AR software, app, and platform development company offer complete solutions to its clients. It uses machine learning strategies to counter the increasing threats to the systems. Moreover, it has worked with big giants like Apple and Google to create augmented reality emojis for various products and AR characters in the videos.

Moreover, it built the first AR emoji app enabling users to communicate easily with each other using avatars to explore the AR environments. The dynamic company leveraged users worldwide with world-class emojis that have taken over the world with a great impact. Users till today use emojis while messaging each other to express themselves more immersively.

2.      FundamentalVR

FundamentalVR, the software house London, makes use of AR and VR in the medical industry by providing training, education, and simulation.  It provides training to medical professionals through simulations, letting them learn easily and quickly. The company founded in 2012 in London has won awards for its outstanding work in augmented reality and virtual reality implementations. Some of its clients include Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, etc.

3.      Apple

The growing industry of technological advancements didn’t emerge overnight. But, it took years to test, develop and deploy these technologies and services. Apple is another company that was developed in 1976 with creative ideas to provide unique experiences. People worldwide use Apple products from mobile phones to laptops. The company’s ARKit SDK functions on iOS devices. Its robust features incudes real-time motion capture, occlusion, RealityKit, and a real composer.  The company had the largest AR platforms for developing feature-rich AR apps to create next-level mobile and device experiences. Moreover, it makes the users feel connected. Besides this, the company deals in producing and selling various products, services, and platforms while integrating IoT, AI, VR, etc.

4.      ScienceSoft

One of the most well-known augmented reality companies was established in 1989 in the USA, though it operates in various countries like UAE now. The company has been developing AR software and technologies for 16 years. Secondly, it delivers 3D models and apps to enhance user experiences. ScienceSoft provides location and marker-based augmented reality apps; besides this, it designs 3D models, maintains the metadata, and trains scene recognition and object identification algorithms. Its portfolio shows its work in multiple domains like sports, retail, mobile finance, etc. eBay, Ford, IBM, and Nestle are a few of its clients that hired the custom software development company for their AR projects.

5.      Microsoft

The most popular company Microsoft was founded in 1975 in Washington, USA. It caters to the growing needs of people with an AI ideology. The AR company develops HoloLens AR headsets providing the latest versions for interactive experiences.  Moreover, it develops products and software for PCs and smartphones. Their services and platforms support games and applications on the Microsoft app store and provide AR accessories like hand controllers. The laptop software that you use is an example of Windows that delivers rich features and smooth processes at all times. Additionally, you may often have heard about Windows 10, it is the prime example of the Microsoft Windows version with advanced features.

6.      VR Vision Inc.

The company based in Canada was launched in 2016 with cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality services. The company is a tech leader in 360 degrees in video production, mobile apps, and web development. It integrates AR and VR strategies into its clients’ business models. Unlike the software house London, the company focuses on software development for healthcare, training, education, retail, and other domains to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction. It uses a unique approach to solve emerging problems. Avagrid Renewables, IEP Technologies, and Shoes for Crews are a few examples of its clients specializing in augmented reality development.

7.      Grove Jones

The company located in Chicago was developed in 2015. It explores advanced strategies and technologies to integrate the real world with the digital world to fulfil business demands. Secondly, it leverages customers to enjoy work and games equally. The company is a development partner of Microsoft HoloLens, Snapchat Lens Studio, Apple ARKit, Google’s ARCore, etc. Moreover, the company has clients worldwide, with a few of its well-known clients, Amazon, McDonald’s, Toyota, and Samsung. It develops AR apps for car businesses like Toyota TRD Pro AR app that uses ARKit enabling viewers to attend auto shows. Additionally, it learns more about the vehicle’s features.

8.      Niantic

We all have heard about the Pokémon Go game that created a buzz in the industry with its features, incredible displays, and smooth navigation features.  Niantic, founded in 2011, became well recognized because of its Pokémon Go game that generated $ 2 billion. Furthermore, Ingress Prime and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are a few of its other games. The custom software development company located in the USA has an augmented reality platform to build world-class apps and software. It builds it for its clients like Google, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Motorola, etc., catering to the user needs with top-notch services.

In conclusion, augmented reality has become the basis of many technological developments. It caters to an increased demand for robust strategies. It solves future problems related to efficiency, effectiveness, growth, etc. Businesses looking for modern solutions to transform their business models can hire software house London or other agencies. They build AR software, platforms or devices without the need for additional plug-ins or controllers. At last, you can even upgrade the existing business strategies with AR integration into your work processes. If you are a new startup, you can choose the above-augmented reality companies to build flexible and scalable technologies. It mitigates future problems.

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