Termite Pest Control Necessity & Charges


Termite Pest Control Necessity & Charges

Pest Control refers to controlling the amount of pest that inhibits an area. Pest Control, when one hears this word; one most probably will picture some men fully covered in some white cloth spraying some come chemicals around any facility. Here is a discussion about pest control in Kolkata necessity and pest control charges.

Well, that’s true, but that’s not the only way pest control can be done. Home remedies like different types of sprays, coffee, baking soda, corn starch etcetera can be used to remove them. But, that requires a lot of work and time, and concern from the doer.

And it is said always that ‘to err is human’. And no matter how good the home remedies are, there are definitely some loopholes that are left. So, opting for Pest Control seems to be the best choice. But, choosing the pest service provider is a crucial thing. But, not to worry when Good Bye Pest is there. Rest assured, this is the best pest control in town.

The reviews are great, the response is satisfactory. The cost, well, it really is pocket-friendly. The rates were given previously, and that says it all. The rates were reasonable. And one of the most important things, the customers might be thinking if there are any side effects that the people face after getting the pest control done.

There have been no complaints about any health-related or any side effects from the customers that had their pest control done from Good Bye Pest. People say at times that goodbyes can be sad. Well, clearly not in this case.

So, check for pest infestation in your house and give a call to Good Bye Pest. After all, they are only one call away and they will be there to save the day. The end line being, if you are investing your money, invests it in something which promises a good return.

Termite control Charges

Termites are potential destructors of furniture and personal belongings.  They can be literally described as cosmopolitans as they are found in every inch of landmass on this earth other than the Polar Belts where they cannot thrive due to the freezing temperatures.

Adding to the problem of infestation, there is no knowledge or faint knowledge of pest control and the harm any kind of pest infestation can cause. The only reason behind this dilemma is the lack of practical knowledge about the destruction any pests including termites can invite.

Apart from that, the destruction the termites’ cause to your furniture and wooden belongings is huge and their repair costs a lot of expense and upsets your savings. Also, the presence of termites evokes a sense of irritation and nausea in an OCD sufferer or any normal human being.

In order to get rid of this entire stressful scene, Goodbye Pest control near me is at your doorstep, just one phone call and you bid adieu to the last termite from your home and can never see them again. Our experts and their extensive experience and scientific exposure will make sure that your house is termite-free and the entire session is a hassle-free and effective one.

And all this at a very reasonable rate accompanied with a warranty of 6 years. That is so relieving, isn’t it? Let’s make this clear with the attached cost sheet. The cost of termite control services in Kolkata ranges from Rs. 1999 to Rs. 3999 depending upon the area of the location.

Also, one can opt for charges according to per square feet; whose range looks something like, Rs. 19.99 to Rs. 5.99; all with a warranty of 6 years. Also, if we were to look for other service providers except for GPB, one will face prices like Rs. 1200 to Rs 9200. And, that seems too high.

Well, trust varies; but, speaking from experience, better trusts the ones that are trusted by others the most when you don’t know about this arena. Prices to vary from place to place, but what if someone provides the best services with the least charges.

Cost Sheet for Termite Control



RATE per Sq. ft.



Rs. 1999

Rs. 19.99

6 years


Rs. 2499

Rs. 12.50

6 years


Rs. 3199

Rs. 10.66

6 years


Rs. 3499

Rs. 10.00

6 years


Rs. 3799

Rs. 9.50

6 years


Rs. 3999

Rs. 8.00

6 years

Up to 3000

Rs. 7.99

6 years


Rs. 5.99

6 years


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