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13 The Best Social Media Christmas Campaigns

1. John Lewis

It’s a chain of luxury department stores that operate across the UK, Ireland, and Australia buzzing at the beginning of December. Social media Every time they release new content through social networks, they’ve promoted the hashtag #JohnLewisChristmas to highlight the forthcoming event. Click here

John Lewis managed to balance different types of content like videos, posts commercials and posts Instagram Stories cross-promotion for this year’s Christmas campaign to provide an even greater value to their fans. Brits enjoy the annual Christmas spot by John Lewis – like really love. This is why every year, they create an exciting new version.

The story from last year tells the story of sharing some love. It begins with a young boy who has dropped his ball and an adorable girl who helps retrieve it. Then we go to a place of returning the favor. It’s beautiful.

They are awestruck by Christmas, and their content inspires every year:

2. Mulberry

Mulberry is another brand that is a fan of Christmas. Their campaign last year was all about sharing the Love of family, friendship, and sharing with friends. Here’s a bit of #feelgood:

A few years ago, Mulberry used social visual marketing with multiple creative campaigns using their #MulberryGifts and #MyTrueLoveGaveMetoMe.

3. Nordstrom

I’ve learned many things from Nordstrom’s legendary campaign. First, they’re an excellent instructor on how social holiday marketing works. In the past, they’ve collaborated with world stars to change the notion that the advent calendar is a good idea, starting it off by introducing Celine Dion! So what can they do to expand?

4. Debenhams

What happens if Cinderella lives in the year 2017 and owns access to a smartphone? The tale would likely be 10 times less long because you could launch a social media marketing campaign simply by tweeting about the shoe that was lost. That’s precisely the kind of thing that Debenham’s Christmas advert depicts beautifully. It was created by J. Walter Thompson London and featured two people trying to connect by utilizing strangers online #YouShall.

5. Burberry

Make a point to take a second to examine this ad. It’s like receiving a gift wrapped in a stylish advertisement for the holiday season featuring M.I.A., Kristin Scott Thomas, Naomi Campbell, Valerie Morris-Campbell, and Matt Smith. The entire cast in a stunning video!

For more:

This Christmas, Burberry decided to celebrate Love in all forms.

6. Manor

It’s no wonder that it’s difficult to be an elf during Christmas. It’s a lot of work to create hundreds of thousands of Christmas toys, ensure that they’re delivered, and maintain the most important secrets, which isn’t as different as an entrepreneur. Fortunately, our elf friend confirmed that he was Santa’s elf.

7. Urban Outfitters

Certain shops prefer an alternative approach, and that’s fine; however, UO will concentrate on their brand’s online and offline aspects. The photos show a beautiful display of one of their stores within the following Instagram post. Social media

Best social media marketing campaigns for Urban Outfitters Christmas Instagram post

Then they activate their clients through Instagram Stories and posts like professional.

The best social media advertising campaigns in urban outfitters Christmas Instagram giveaway post

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We’re not declaring that because we’ve spent so many hours on the creation of it. Make the perfect social media team now!

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8. Starbucks

So, to make things more interesting, I thought I’d share some of the coolest TikTok content that was popular in 2020. Starbucks has embraced the new trends and was able to fit into them. Here’s a sample of ASMR content they’ve put out:

Another one that will make us want to look forward to next Christmas:

9. Costa Coffee

I thought it was worth giving a shout-out to Costa Coffee one more time simply for their involvement in their Christmas promotion. But, of course, they didn’t forget about Instagram.

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10. Microsoft

Sure, the holidays are fun but having a person to share new techniques and advancing to the next level in an online game is exciting, you think? Microsoft has celebrated Christmas 2018 by releasing an advertisement about their new inclusive product designed specifically for the Xbox.

11. Amazon

Nothing says Christmas more than singing packaging. Amazon continues to follow its tradition of promoting its products across every corner of the offline and online globe. So are you feeling Christmas is coming shortly?

12. BBC One

The British Broadcasting Corporation never fails to bring the holiday spirit. It demonstrates what the holidays are about – creating and spending time with your beloved ones. It seems that all we require to have a peaceful and joyful Christmas is to find a way to end the clock and then freeze everyone and finish that task.

13. Disney

Oh, Disney is great at creating the creation of social media-related content. And they’re launching reels as well. Here’s what they said in 2020:

And what are the most memorable films and characters from childhood? Disney released an Instagram image of what’s happening at Disneyland. It looks like Micky & Minnie are full-on festive.

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