Since 1986, I have been a part of The Children’s House

The idea was born out of passion and love for children. The children’s home is dedicated to providing every child with the best possible education and basis for life by using the Montessori method.

The oldest and first Montessori school in Malaysia The Children’s House (TCH) has been growing from one Montessori school in the year 1986, to 15 schools spread across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor today.

Our logo and name reflect perfectly what we stand for. The house for children isn’t only a place for preschoolers It is a place to call home as well as a trusted partner and a guardian in the development that your child is on.

New ventures, a opportunity to gain

The house for children was created from the ideas that was the brainchild of Nan Civel, affectionately referred to by her nickname Aunty Nan. After a decade of working in Unilever Malaysia, Nan Civel determined to pursue her love in Early Childhood Education in 1983.

Motivated by Dr. Maria Montessori, she embarked on a three-year studies and a work program at the Maria Montessori Training Organisation in England, United Kingdom, and later earned the Diploma of Montessori Education. This provided her with the confidence and drive to establish an initial Montessori preschool in the 5 Jalan Batai Barat in 1986.

Beginning with a small team comprising a young, eager trainee teacher and an administrator, as well as the cook for the family and her son of four years old Nan Civel was able to take the boxes off, clean and organize the import materials that were brought in from Europe.

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“We delivered 500 brochures on the mailboxes of homes within the neighborhood and waited with apprehension. The parents that came to visit our school was from France. The next set of parents came from Sweden and were a bit stern with me for about an hour and checked my credentials, my knowledge and experiences.

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As the very first school in Malaysia to use the entire and comprehensive Montessori Method of Education, Montessori not only changed the life of Nan the Aunty Nan,

But also made a significant impact on how early education is taught in the system but also made a difference in the early childhood education landscape in Malaysia.

The co-founder of the children’s home, Nur Jiwawati Aris, often referred to by the nickname Ji Aris has been managing the organization for more than 30 years. The first time he was responsible in charge of his role in the Financial and Business

The development of the children’s home The house is run by a woman who has the American Master’s degree from International Business Management. Her passion for early childhood education started in 1988, when she was she became aware of the need for early childhood education. In close to a close Nan Civel, she was also active in Operations and the improvement of the quality improvement of both the curriculum and facilities. 

Her goal is to keep the Montessori heritage curriculum alive and current is never going away because she believes in the nurture of strong minds Children must start with them now, since they will be leaders in the future. A deep appreciation and affection for the amazing minds of children Aunty Nan and Ji Aris continue to keep up to date with the latest research and Best practices for improving and introducing new ideas to improve the lives of children.

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Celebrating 35 years of The Children’s house

Working together as a family rooted in ethics and respect, we value a child’s development and well being the most. Our teachers are our greatest treasure. They are warm, loving, nurturing and respectful of every child. Many of them have grown with us from the very beginning and are committed to providing the best learning experience for our children. We believe in establishing caring, harmonious and long term relationships with our parents and colleague.

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