SEO Strategies for Your E-Commerce Business Based in Vancouver, WA

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As per recent data, Vancouver residents have several Internet options available such as satellite, fixed wireless, fiber, cable, and DSL. The data suggests that multiple wired providers service 99% of Vancouver residents. Going by the latest data on the national e-commerce front, there are around 2.1 million online retailers in the US and 7.9 million online retailers globally. As per a recent study, the number of online shoppers in the US will reach 230.5 million by 2021. Experts mention a solid search engine strategy is crucial for the success of any e-commerce business in a market so robust and booming.

If you are an online retailer, it would be good for you to consider making an investment in enhancing your market reach by partnering with a Vancouver WA SEO expert to implement the best SEO strategies for your business.

Reduce Load Time

Fast load times are crucial for a great user experience and vital for high search engine rankings. As per Google, a good page load time is below 2.5 seconds, and anything above 4 seconds is poor and affects your website rankings.

Optimizing your website to give your visitors a swift and user-friendly experience can have a huge impact on your business.

Optimize for Mobile

The recent data shows the US has a high smartphone penetration rate standing at 72.7%. As per the latest statistics, 79% of smartphone users have purchased online through their mobile devices. you are at a severe disadvantage if your e-commerce website is not optimized for mobile.

Evolving user habits have increased the importance of responsive design that adapts to varied mobile screen sizes and delivers the best user experience. If you are planning to take a step further, you can consider hiring a Vancouver WA SEO expert to use Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) format for your e-commerce website.

Resolve Site Errors

According to the experts, to stay ahead in the competition and gain users’ trust, you need to keep your e-commerce website free from errors like indexed 404 pages, broken links, and errors in Sitemap files.

Resolving site errors without any delay will help Google bots index your website correctly, improving your search engine rankings.

Add Customer Reviews

Search engines consider customer reviews as new website engagement and content as important factors in search engine rankings.

You can increase your e-commerce business credibility by adding customer reviews. For example, you can send users emails asking them to rate their experience and write about it. You can post these reviews on your website that will have a positive influence on other potential customers.

Optimize Content

E-commerce has several categories of content, but the two most important ones are category pages and product descriptions.

Category pages are like individual home pages. You need to use H1 tags, links, and terms you want to rank for in the pages. It will give the search engine bots a broader sense of content, and your search engine rankings will improve for slightly broader terms.

Good product descriptions are crucial for increasing sales. The best strategy to follow is to focus on the psychology of the product. For example, why will an individual buy a particular product? You should use generic product details in the descriptions. Find keywords that can be used in product descriptions. All this will help in improving search engine rankings.

To sum up, these are some of the top SEO strategies you can implement for your e-commerce website and reap the manifold benefits of digital marketing.

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