Scope of Digital Marketing

As digital marketing has become an essential aspect of today’s businesses, it’s beneficial to grasp the technology and comprehend its potential in terms of career opportunities, jobs, and compensation in the country. The following are the subjects addressed in this blog to provide you a more in-depth understanding of this profession:

  • What is the definition of digital marketing?
  • What is the purpose of digital marketing?
  • What is Digital Marketing’s Role/ scope and its growth in India?
  • Digital Marketing Jobs and Salaries
  • Popular Digital Marketing Certifications

What is the definition of digital marketing?

Let’s begin by answering the following simple question: What is Digital Marketing? The phrase “digital marketing” refers to the act of doing a certain task utilizing the Internet and various technologies, whereas “marketing” refers to the act of promoting any organization’s products or services.

In general, Digital Marketing is a modern approach used by businesses to reach out to clients and persuade them to purchase their products. Email marketing, blogging, online banner advertising, social media marketing, and video marketing, and so on are all examples of this.

Instagram is a real-life illustration of digital marketing. It is now the most widely used social media platform.Every firm, from startups to well-known corporations, uses Instagram to promote their products.

Let’s get ready to answer the question: Why Digital Marketing? Before learning about the scope of Digital Marketing in India in 2021 and examining various Digital Marketing professions. The following part will explain why it is so critical in today’s business environment.

What is the purpose of digital marketing?

Marketing is critical for any firm in developing a relationship between customers and the company’s offering to the market. Marketing is the company’s first impression on customers as well as how they learn about its products and services. If a product is advertised or promoted to the proper target group, it will almost certainly produce a positive outcome and encourage buyers to purchase it. This section will go over the reasons why you should use digital marketing. We’ll talk about the extent of digital marketing in India later.

  • ·       Its user friendly
  • ·       Affordable
  • ·       Influencing
  • ·       Helps in Enlargement of the company/ Business

What is Digital Marketing’s Role/ scope and its growth in India?

India has always been open to new technology, attempting to enter the market as quickly as possible. The use of digital platforms in India has been steadily expanding since the inception of the Digital India plan. This program, according to economists, may boost GDP by $1 trillion by 2025. It could also help with a variety of other issues, including job creation, labor productivity, business growth, and government revenue generation.

According to a Goldman Sachs report, the future scope of Digital Marketing in the Indian Internet business will be valued US$160 billion by 2025, more than treble its current value. From this expectation we can easily predict the scope of Digital Marketing in India and its popularity as a vocation.

Scope of Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Jobs and Salaries:

Let’s speak about the many positions you can have in a Digital Marketing career, as well as the compensation review, before we get into how to start your career in Digital Marketing. The compensation for Digital Marketing varies depending on the position. The number of jobs offered, as well as the wage package, are listed below:


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Popular Digital Marketing Certifications

Here is a list of top 5 online Digital Marketing training courses from top institutes of India:

Digital and Social Media Marketing- IIM Ahmedabad:

 Program Highlights:

o   Getting to know a new generation of customers. How to Connect, Convert, and Continuously Engage with Digital Consumers using the 3C Framework

o   Using Social Media for advertising, listening, content creation, sharing, and building loyalty and advocacy Search marketing – and optimising content for search; SEO, SEM, SMM Location-based mobile digital marketing Digital marketing and digital business models

o   Using Social Media for advertising, listening, content creation, sharing, and building loyalty and advocacy Using Social Media for advertising, listening, content creation, sharing, and building loyalty and advocacy

o   Using Social Media for advertising, listening, content creation, sharing, and building loyalty and advocacy


§  Program Highlights

o   The Digital Marketing Diploma is a one-year professional education program that focuses on strategic marketing for consumer impact.

o   Students will learn how to apply marketing concepts to a digital framework in order to run a successful digital firm.

o   The online digital marketing course improves students’ ability to develop digital strategies for a variety of touch points, including search, social, display, mobile, and video.

o   Students learn how to use digital marketing methods to increase their online presence.

o   Learn about consumer behavior in the ever-changing digital environment on a variety of platforms.

o   Understand the fundamentals of customer loyalty, digital communication, content strategy, and brand maintenance.


§  Course Structure(

Semester 1


Cultivate: Revisiting Marketing Concepts & Introduction to Online Media

Catch: Marketing Framework For The Connected Consumer

Connect: Marketing To The Connected Consumer

Simulation: Mimic Pro

Semester 2  


Consume: Conversations With Content

Close: Optimizing For Conversions

Continue: Building Loyal Consumers & Driving Brand Advocacy

Simulation: Mimic Social


Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies- ISB Hyderabad:

§  Programs Highlights:

o   You’ll learn how to test, analyze, and track the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives across several channels.  

o   You’ll also learn how to use AI and machine learning to improve business outcomes.

o   You’ll discover how to expand your customer base.


SPJIMR &Intellipat’s Program in Digital Marketing Courses Certification:

§  Program Highlights:

o   SPJIMR has teamed with Intellipaat to offer an industry-aligned Digital Marketing course that will help students gain employability and improve their skills. Through case studies and project work, this course will give academic rigor as well as real-time industry exposure to help you obtain the skills required by the industry for Digital Marketing job profiles. This program will last 83 hours and will be delivered via live online sessions led by teachers and industry leaders. As part of the course, you will participate in a variety of hands-on exercises, projects, and lab sessions.

Digital Marketing- IIM Lucknow

§  Program Highlights:

o   Understand the processes involved in creating a Digital Marketing Plan increase awareness of the importance of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), e-mail marketing, brand building, mobile marketing, and WP

o   Return to work with practical ideas for all aspects of digital marketing, including specialized tools and platforms, as well as strategic website construction.


There are several opportunities in Digital Marketing; all you need to do is choose the perfect one and get started anytime you want. It’s never too late to start!


There are various Digital Marketing courses accessible online that can be taken to obtain certification. This will assist you in achieving your goal of becoming a marketer and earning a good pay.

Best of luck!


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