Rogue 5e Class Guide

Rogue 5e Class Guide

The Rogue class is one of the more interesting classes in the game. There are many different builds and options for the Rogue, but they all share one thing: flexibility. Rogues can be anything from a spy to a deadly assassin, and can do it all from a book. Their weapon, their talent path, and their abilities all allow them to adapt and change to the situation at hand. What makes the Rogue great is the fact that they can adapt to any situation and do so very well. If you want to make the most of Rogue 5e, then you have to understand all of the available builds.

All round classes in the game:

The Rogue is perhaps one of the best “all round” classes in the game. They offer lots of utility and are great for all different situations. In this Rogue 5e guide we will explore the different builds and abilities of rogues. This should give you a good idea as to what your character could potentially be able to do!

First build we’ll lookCombat Rogue 5E:

The first build we’ll look at is the Combat Rogue. This build is all about burst damage with a focus on accuracy over damage. Rogues who use this build are excellent at finishing off high-health opponents quickly. Using a combo point build, rogues have high damage and high crit chance. With the ability to Dodge incoming damage, the Rogue can dish out consistent damage, often using area effect attacks to keep their opponents from being healed.

Subtlety Rogue 5E:

The next build is the Subtlety Rogue. Subtlety rogues are masters of shadow, trickery, and misdirection. Some Subtlety Rogue Builds place more emphasis on pistols than others. The proficiencies that they have also give them an edge in combat: gaining Hit Points while at lower levels and increasing Hit Points at higher ones!

The last build we’ll look at is the Defensive Rogue. These Rogues are masters at tanking. They have several beneficial abilities, including a nuke and a stun. As a tank, a dnd 5e rogue can stay back to regenerate, or engage in tanking moves such as a rolling attack.

Final build we’ll discuss:

The final build we’ll discuss is the Double Strike Rogue 5e, which uses a crippling attack known as the cripple ability. With this ability, a Rogue is able to immobilize an enemy for up to 9 seconds with a critical hit. Using the cripple ability wisely is a key part of the Rogue’s combat capabilities.

Rogue 5E fun and powerful class:

Overall, Rogues are a fun and powerful class. Their two main play styles, the single combatant and the tank, are very effective. With their high mobility, rogues can easily move from place to place, striking down their opposition from a distance. When tanking, rogues can restore their hit points by using Counter Attack. These and other class features make rogues a great class to take into consideration for your party.

Rogue 5E Leveling Guide:

For more combat tips, check out the Rogue Leveling Guide. In it, you will find class strategies and optimal spec choices. There are also helpful gold, profession, and item guides included. If you want to take advantage of Rogue’s versatility, you should definitely consider buying the Ultimate Rogue Collector’s Bundle. With the bundle, you get the standard Rogue Pet, the Master Trader, two free mounts, two free pets, and ten useful rogue Proficiencies.

Experience to reach level:

While it may not seem like much at the beginning, gaining just enough experience to reach level 17 is critical to completing this class. A Rogue should focus on improving their ability to cause damage with their attacks as well as increasing their stealth rating. If you are worried about saving throw vs. hit points, worry no more! Rogues have a number of proficiencies that improve this aspect of combat. We’ll discuss some of them here. 

Choose your first Rogue subclass:

After you reach level 17, you are ready to choose your first Rogue subclass. Your first choice is obviously going to be Combat. With this subclass, Rogues are able to perform many different tasks thanks to their various abilities. If you prefer to tank or PvP, a Combat Rogue is an excellent choice. If you prefer to cause chaos with stunning attacks and mind tricks, then go for a Subtlety Rogue.


Subtlety Rogue 5E are able to make the most out of any situation thanks to their Disabling skills and crowd control capabilities. You can use your Disabling skills to stun, disarm, or disable your opponents. The main threat of this kind of Rogue is that they usually don’t have a lot of hit points. If you want to have a pet that can fight for you, go with a Fury. This lets you make a pet that will attack multiple foes for you.

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